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November 12, 2008

Amazing View=Amazing Venue?

I may have found a decent back up plan for my wedding venue. It is La Jolla Cove Suites and it can accommodate 220 people. It is right in the heart of La Jolla and actually overlooks the cove. It has a stunning and breath taking view of the pacific and the wedding ceremony/reception could take place on the roof. They allow BYO and the prices are beyond reasonable.

So what's my issue?

Thanks to my beautiful Duchess who lives in the SD area and went there over the weekend to see the venue and take these pics for me, I can show you around a bit...

Here is the view... all along the west side of the roof... stunning!

The southwest view off the roof

But the colors of the floor and the lampost are this:

and the exterior of the Suites is this...

but in Black and White film could look like this!

And then again... we see this and my heart melts all over again:

So here are my issues:
1. Color of building/rooftop
2. Amenities aren't the nicest - definitely a beach shack type of feel
3. Bathroom isn't the prettiest and only one on the floor of the roof, another one elsewhere
4. Worried about the noise from the park or street traffic affecting the ceremony
5. How beach shack is too beach shack? I'm all about "no shirt, no shoes, no problem..." like Kenny says, but at the same time... it is a wedding
6. Parking will suck but we can get a valet
7. The layout of the roof is rectangular, with the light poles in the middle - and some other fixtures that protrude, and the solarium in the middle, can we make it cozy and comfy?
8. Is the view enough to make up for the other things?

Things i love:
1, The location is KEY! You can't beat it. It overlooks Scripps Park, seals in the ocean and is central to everything in La Jolla
2. The view is amazing on the roof
3. The prices of rooms are definitely reasonable and we could always try to book a room bloc at a slightly more upscale hotel for others who aren't into the "beach shack" type place
4. It fits everything else i wanted in a location besides that its not in OC
5. Reasonable priced
6. Staff seems awesomely cool and easy to work with
7. Close enough for some really cool pics the day of

So After seeing all the pics, and seeing some of my issues, any advice? Any thoughts? any ideas? Any suggestions? I really do love the place, but i know i have to see it for myself before anything is signed... until then, any other things I could ask the venue about or look into?


  1. If you're really concerned about noise then you should for sure ask about that as well as visiting it at the time of day you're wedding would be to get a feel for it.

  2. Let's face it -- at this type of location, the guests are NOT going to be spending much time inside the hotel! I think it looks amazing and gives a more vintage and personal look(versus the typical hotel-giant anonymity).

  3. Ok. so. . .

    The lamp poles- you could work with them. Make them a part of your colors. I had to do something similar and it's working out quite nicely.

    The hotel room quality.If there is other options for guest then there is no worry. Make it clear what the rooms are like and give everyone their option. I would so appreciate you for that if I were your guest. That is a minor problem. Just use the hotel for it's purpose. Great views at a great price.

    Pictures. Tell your photographer your issues with some of the hotels down falls. They should be able to work around it.

    Us brides on a budget always have to compromise but not to worry. It is going to come out lovely. You just have to do a little more footwork to cover the flaws.

  4. I looked at this location as well. I had many of the same pros and cons as you did, but part of it came down to not wanting an outdoor reception and feeling like it was a tight squeeze to fit everyone for our wedding size.

    I think you could make it work for you though. However, if you feel really worried about some of those things, I'd say keep looking and keep it as a back up. What wedding date are you hoping for?

  5. Tell your photog to avoid pics of the poles and the building and the floor. You could also "decorate" the poles or at least wrap them in a discreet fashion. The B&W pics didn't look too bad.

  6. Hey... I can help with your logo and stuff. I did those save the dates that were in the post today.

    I think the wedding industry is overpriced and I like doing it.

    Just let me know what you have in mind.

    My email is so send me some pictures, colors, theme, whatever you want to tell me to get some ideas and I'll send you a few ideas and we can go from there.

  7. hey amy - this is amanda. you e-amiled me about help for your logo and design stuff. my e-mail address is

    i can't e-mail you back ( for some reason it just is NOT working) so if you could send me a regular e-mail, that would be great!

    looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. o.O it looks so pretty! I would kill for a place with a view :(


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