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November 13, 2008

Beautiful Palette Combo

My last color palette post definitely reprimanded me in rethinking Yellow as my color... Lol. Thank y'all for the great input !!! I love it and think all the ideas are pretty fabulous. So, I think that the yellow will stay, even if may become an accent color or remain as the main focus...

This AM I woke up to an email from my wonderful WC Paola...

What did Paola have to say?

"Hi Amy!!
Saw this yellow (black, white and green) color palette and thought of you!!"

And this is what she was talking about (all images from Stephanie Williams Photography):

I am loving this... it's so beautiful and chic! and the bride looks so classy and gorgeous!


  1. Beautiful and chic is right on! This is perfection... love, love, love it!

  2. It is amazing what one can do with just about any colors really.

  3. I agree. That color combo is to die for!

  4. Oh Wow. I didn't realize there were blogs for brides! I'll have to dig further into your blog. I'm getting married in January (colors: royal blue, light blue, silver, white).


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