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November 20, 2008

The Great Music Debate!

On our morning walks to work (FH and I work about 1.5 blocks from each other), the Great Music Debate for the Wedding arose (yet again) between FH and I. As I've explained before (here), FH and I do not have the same taste in music. We've come up with our first dance song ("Walk the Line" remix style) and the last song of the night ("One Love" Bob Marley). Coming to an agreement on the last song of the night was definitely an accomplishment for us...

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So Fh is very concerned about the type of music I will want played at our wedding. You see, i'm a dancing fool. I love to dance. FH does not!

When I consider mental images of FH's type of music, this is what i see...a Moshpit

Image borrowed from Here

And When FH thinks of my music... he probably see's images of this borrowed here

And granted, I don't want metal played at our wedding and FH says, neither does he... He says he doesn't want techno/house/trance music played at our wedding... and I had to specify - NEITHER DO I!. You see, when I say "dance" I think he automatically thinks crazy loud booming bass and electronic sounds. But When I say "dance" I literally mean dance music. Anything from top 40's, hip hop, pop and beyond.

So although it took the whole ten minutes that we walked to work to argue that "i don't want your music" back and forth, we finally were able to communicate clearly, that we actually both don't want the same type of non-danceable music at our wedding... So no metal (Slayer, Pantera, Ozzi-unless its slow and not about killing, death or mutilation) and no House/techno/trance PERIOD!

The types of music that will be played:

Top 40 (most people are at least a little familiar with it) to include: Miley Cyrus (for my neice... and ok, for me too), Rhianna, Beyonce, Brittney, Christina Aguilera, etc etc
Some 80's (FOR SURE)
Bon Jovi (He is from NJ and I love JBJ)
GnR (a little sweet child'o mine won't hurt)
Hip Hop
Tupac (I am from cali!!!)
Some oldies (Frank Sinatra, etc)

Basically if you can hear it on the radio, it has no foul language, no overwhelming bass and no record screeching (per FH's request) AND it IS danceable...and not just booty shakin' danceable, but just danceable period - we will play it.

We want this at our wedding as seen here, where everyone, both young and old are dancing

Did anybody else have issues agreeing on the type of music that will be played for the reception? Do you and your FH differ in music style and taste? Are you a dancer? Is he? How did you agree upon your music guidelines?


  1. Music was a huge a deal for us, not only do we have very different tastes, but also my family is impossible to please, my father only likes old school jazz and standards, my mother only like modern dancey music but also they both want to some Russian music to be played. Luckily, last year we went to our friend's wedding and they had band that sang in Russian, English, French, and Spanish (Russian love Spanish music more than they love sushi and they love sushi a lot!) and they sang old songs, new songs, and everything in between. So we immediately decided that we were done looking for music for our wedding, that is gonna be our band now too :)

  2. For some reason it won't let me see the rest of the post. It seems to be private.

  3. I never heard that version of Walk the Line!!! It's so great! (Is that the Johnny Cash song?)

    So cool!

  4. This one seems to be a source of contention for many brides I know. We went through it as well. The thing that helped us the most was to admit that we are both music snobs but that our guests are NOT. At the end of the day we want everyone (crumedgoney uncles and 98 year old grandmas inculuded) on the dance floor. Thus we decided on a fab cover band that will be (mpstly) playing the 'hits' from the past few decades. We let our music nerdyness out with the ceremony music (rearranged acoustic instrumental Beatles songs). Hope this helps.

  5. You've got to add some Bob Marley in there as well! It looks like you've come to a good compromise.

    I'm leaving the entire soundtrack up to the fiance because I never listen to music. I'm pretty sure it's going to be all Beatles and Bob Dylan. I'm fine with that.

  6. We spent a lot of time picking our music too! My husband is definitely more of a dancer than me so he picked the majority of the reception music except for the slow songs which we picked together. Then I picked the ceremony, cocktail, and dinner music. We played all sorts of music from Jack Johnson to Justin Timberlake :) I love that version of Walk the Line too :)

  7. My husband's response would be, "There was music at our wedding?" I, too, wanted danceable music with a good mix so there was a little something for everybody. I think you have good choices listed. And since our entrance song was GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle" (I wanted the DJ to dedicate it to my in-laws from my family-let them know what they were getting themselves into, but thought it might be in poor taste) I support your acceptance of them on your playlist.

  8. Music was kind of a big deal for us... I say "kind of" because we liked and trusted our DJ some.
    That being said, we wanted a lot of old standards by the originals, as well as Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. After we cut the cake, though, it switched to more "danceable" music. There were some that we definitely didn't want played (YMCA, Electric Slide, Macarena, Chicken Dance), and there were a few that I heard that I wouldn't have picked. But all in all it turned out really well - there was much dancing!!
    Our first dance was to Michael Buble's "The Best is Yet to Come" - which, by the way, is a very cool but long song! Our last dance was "Come Fly with Me" by Frank Sinatra. I also requested "(I have been)Waiting for You" by Seal.

    Our ceremony music was a classical guitarist who trained under a Spanish guitarist. It was wonderful!! He was really great!


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