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November 26, 2008

A fancy Sole Mate?

I stopped by The Wedding Corner this AM and saw this great product, so i had to share!!! In addition to the Solemates I reviewed way back in the day, I was enlightened by a similar product that's a tiny bit fancier for a party, celebration OR wedding and that protects your shoe's heels and keeps them from digging into the grass, dirt, etc!

See this Great Product!

(Images from Belledivine via The Wedding Corner)


  1. It reminds me of a small outdoors umbrella stand that was covered in glitter.

  2. haha, those make me laugh! :) I think I may try these out though (not the fancy ones). This past weekend we went to a park and i kept on getting stuck in the grass!

  3. I've been in situations before where I definitely could've used a pair of those!


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