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November 13, 2008

I'm loved <3

I'm so honored that Crystal @Crystal Clear Reflections has passed on this award to me! Crystal also maintains an awesome blog and was given this award from someone else.

So in keeping with the spirit of passing on blog love around here, i'm going to name just a few (and there are so many that I do love and stalk on a daily basis)... and I apologize if you were already awarded this wonderful award!

In no particular order (and if i miss you, i apologize. but basically if you receive a comment from me on a weekly basis, I'm pretty much blog stalking you at that point, b/c i love your blog and i think its awesome. Feel free to comment me, and I'd love to add you to this list)

Bailee's Bride
Introverted Bride
Kelley @My Island Wedding
Broke Ass Bride
Atlanta Bride
Pissed Off Bride
Michelle @ My Wedding Report

You all deserve it for your awesome blogs! Great work!

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