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November 18, 2008

I've got a new look

I've got a new look on my blog thanks to Katy (Tripping down the Aisle) at Katy Doodle Designs!

Isn't she absolutely talented... I gave her a few ideas and she ran with it and I'm loving every second of this new look!

Thanks Katy for being so patient with me and really working to get this done so quickly. I love the new header and can't wait to see what other creations we can come up with!


  1. Oooooweee! Your are looking snazzy, m'dear! I love the new header. Love love love! Fantastic collaboration from you two ladies.

  2. i noticed right away :) very cute!!!!


  3. I love it !!!!
    The design, the color...everything!
    Cute, cute, cute!

  4. Fancy! I love it!

  5. I like it, but you're prettier in person! The pic doesn't do you justice!!


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