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November 19, 2008

Kota vs. Kota....

Have you seen my Kota (He's the white shiba in the front - Juneau is our handsome husky in the background)?

{Who's the other Kota?}

Well Yesterday while watching LnO (Law N Order) reruns, I saw a commercial for this PlaySkool Kota (Pictured below)
It is hilarious b/c it's a 300 dollar triceratop toy that moves its head and roars back at you ... the name is spelled the same, My Kota is named by my nephew for Coda in Brother Bear (i spelled it wrong)... And not rarely do we run into other Coda's/Koda's and Kota's...

But on TV, they showed this PlayskoolKota... You can sit on it, bounce on it, roar at it...but this PlayskoolKota DOES NOT walk... Luckily My Kota does (Sometimes!)

Update: Apparently my wonderful friend CYL had sent me this link a while ago, but i dismissed it. I do apologize... i didn't realize it was an actual Toy here in the States! lol


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