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November 13, 2008

Reinspired by Yellow! :)

I'm a little blog crazy. I think my closest friends are amazed at my devotion to my blog, MY FH sometimes complains that all i do is blog, and i do admit... i love the blogsophere! I'm so honored to blog for great sites like Weddzilla and Get Married's Blogger Brides. And speaking of Blogger Brides, one of my fave Blogger Brides is the Atlanta Bride (Jessica). I am devoted to her blog b/c her classiness and sense of style shines through in her posts. She's got great ideas and her posts highlight so many beautiful things. And I also love how she met her "Mr. Wonderful".

Well, Jessica is awesome. Beyond awesome... just simple FABULOUS! Remember, the confusion over my color palette? How can we forget right? Well she devoted a whole post to give me ideas of how to use/infuse yellow into my color scheme and it has inspired me! Check out her post! Let me and her know what you think!

I'm still in awe that she was sweet enough to do this for me :)

Thank you so much Jessica... I absolutely adore that you got the tone of yellow i was looking for and that you have reinspired me to embrace my own love for yellow! :)


  1. You are so welcome Amy Jean! I know you're hard at work making sure that your wedding radiates style, warmth, and all things charming - everything will come together impeccably! Don't worry :)
    P.S. - Thanks so much for the "I love your blog" tile. I've added it to my blog site :)

  2. mentioned loving those invites by Kate Spade. Do you already have an invitation designer? I can give you the name of the person {out of CA} who did my invites...I'm certain she can replicate that look {or any other that you might come across}. She is talented, fabulous, and most importantly...affordable!! A graphic designer extraordinaire!! Let me know :)

  3. I just checked out her post and you are right, absolutely fabulous. And I am LOVING the yellow and demand you go with it! You know, in case my demands mean anything. ;-) The yellow is fantastic.

  4. that is so sweet! very nice.I am going to take a look right now. Im sure it is lovely.


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