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November 25, 2008

Nothing beats...

when you run into other bloggers who are doing similar venue research like yourself and you can "borrow" and learn from their own experiences.
*Just like When TTO link loved me (and gave us LA/OC brides the spreadsheet of all spreadsheets courtesy of budget wedding in la) ... here I will do the same!

As we know, my venue search is on. And although I'm loving La Jolla Cove's stunning Pacific Ocean view...i'm not loving the retro exterior and starting to question the distance from "home". Having my wedding in the OC was important to me b/c that is and will always be home for me. So i'm having my doubts about that...

{So what next then?}

This morning I had an email from my wonderful WC, Paola. She turned me onto Lido Isle Yacht Club and the link she gave me happened to be for a blog that I actually stalk. So i'm going to give props to Reese @Pretty Obsessed and "borrow" some pictures&opinions of Lido Isle from her (if you would like to borrow any of the images below, please be sure to contact Reese@PrettyObsessed):

Likes: It sits right on the ocean. The caterer said that it's got a great catering kitchen, and our food would come out really fresh. We can be in there until midnight.

Dislikes: It's a little smaller than what I have in mind. It's divided into 2 rooms. It's in a neighborhood, so parking might be a little horrendous.

I'm also having a bit of a hard time envisioning the place decked out for the wedding. So...some pictures:
The entrance. the right of the entrance. The ocean behind...

Looking out the window...towards the ocean.

The back room. This is where the ceremony would be held. Or we could do the ceremony right on the beach.

The bar.

The main room.

More of the main room.

The patio outside.

The dock right outside the club.

The other side of the club.

Looking across the street. Guests would park alongside the curb. Love that street lamp though. This neighborhood is so gorgeous!

So What do you think? I love the location in Newport Beach. It would have the water view without the ocean breeze. The indoor reception once the sun sets. I think the inside is blank enough of a canvas to really get dramatic with some DIY Lighting. I think the out door patio could be nice for the one hour reception.

UPDATE 11/26/2008: Lido only rents out to community members ONLY. You can't just know someone there, it has to be a community member's wedding... OUCH!


  1. Lucky girl. I think I might pass out from shock if I even ran into another bride blogger from Oregon, let alone my same venue/area. Living in the sticks is a lonely place...

  2. I rather doubt I'd run into any where I'm from too. I think we're all supposed to be living in sod houses here anyway.

  3. it looks like a great venue! Really love the water view.

  4. This looks great. Newport is a fun area. I really like your idea of DIY lighting too. Do you need someone to sponsor you since it is a yacht club?

  5. Michelle: Actually it is for community members only... and it can't just be a sponsor. O'well... But good call, you posted that right before i got the email from my WC about the rules!

  6. Thanks for the shout out AmyJean! Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you sooner.

    I am fortunate enough to know a resident in that community, and she was willing to put her name down for our event.

    Anyways...I hope you find the venue of your dreams...or close to it at least.

    ps. i'd love to be on your blog roll! hope you don't're on mine.


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