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November 19, 2008

20 Do's and Dont's

Last night I also watched, Style Network's Glamour's Top 20 Do's and Don't's! It is so amusing b/c you get the pros leaving comments on certain photos and clips... I don't agree with all of the do's and don't, but I do love the #1 suggestion - "Just be yourself"

Read the Top 20!

Borrowed from Wedding Fanatic

"20.Brides: DON'T make your bridesmaids spend a lot of money on a dress they hate.

19.Brides: DON'T go over the top with hair and makeup.

18.Brides: DO test-drive your hairstyle.

17.Brides: DON'T feel like you need to wear a huge veil just because you can.

16.Brides: DON'T make your bridesmaids look like a parade of look-alikes.

15.Brides: DON'T go broke on your wedding dress.

14.Brides: DO be yourself with your wedding dress.

13.Grooms: DON'T rent your tux, just buy it!

12.Grooms: DO let your guys put a bit of their own personality in their ensemble.

11.Guests: DO give some thought to your outfit.

10.Brides:DON'T feel like you need to wear a tiara just because it's your wedding day.

9.Wedding Party:DON'T get crazy with tanning or fake baking.

8.Brides: DON'T make the 'maids wear the same hairstyle.

7.Brides: DON'T be too trendy when it comes to your gown, hair, accessories, and the rest of your look.

6.Guests: DON'T wear white to a wedding.

5.Guests: DO know that you can wear black to a wedding.

4.Groom: DON'T: DO NOT get your haircut the day before the wedding.

Brides: DON'T get a facial the day before your wedding.

3.Brides: DO consider comfort for your wedding dress and accessories.

One thing you DO want to take comfort seriously with are your shoes.

2. Brides: DON'T drink too much!

1.Brides and Grooms: DO just be yourself.
Like some of the other points have said, you want to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day. ... You want to look your personal best and treat your guests to an evening that reflects you as a couple, not just the trends of the day. You CAN'T go wrong being yourself!

And always remember, your wedding day IS NOT the end! While it does mean no more wedding planning, it also means the beginning of your new life together. Enjoy the planning, the wedding, and most of all, the rest of your lives."


  1. Why is No. 2 for brides and not both?! Hmmm...

  2. You got to get the groom good and liquored up so he doesn't pass out from worry and stress.

  3. I was watching this and wondering if you were too.


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