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November 18, 2008

Birdcage Veils

In an earlier post regarding veils, I explored the Mantilla Veil, which I absolutely love!

My most recent inspiration of veils is the bird cage veil. Harmony Walton recently did a post called "The Birdcage veil is Back!" And I really loved the look that she highlighted: Katherine Heigl's photo from OK Magazine

And here's another image of Katherine's wedding!!! (From OK Magazine)

And i realized... Wow, i really love that look! And then I realized, it was the same look that Reese Witherspoon had in Sweet Home Alabama...

The Birdcage veil is defined in this article as: "The birdcage veil is a short bit of net pulled just over the eyes, a la Old Hollywood." And it definitely has a retro chic feel about it...very ol' hollywood!

Here are some other awesome Birdcage Veil images that I'm drooling over!

Image Source

Image Source

Birdcage w/a longer veil attached in the back (image Source)

I love the little accessory that they put with the veil. Gorgeous!!!

So what kind of veil are you going with? What helped you decide? Did you like a particular look but went with another one?

Here are some tips on how to make a birdcage veil


  1. deciding on a veil is so freaking hard! i'm still on the fence about mine...


  2. I still havent picked one but I am torn between the chicness of the birdcage and the romance of long flowy veil. No clue which way to go.

  3. It was super easy for me to pick a veil. I just went to a consignment shop with my MOH and she fell for a veil and was wearing it around in the store so we just had to get it.

    Good thing I liked it too. He he he

  4. ok - so everytime i see these... I think they are pretty but I just can't say that I see YOU in them. Sorry... but you knowmy opinionated self! Lol

  5. I am HUGE birdcage veil fanatic. Love them...and love that you found so many fabulous photos!

  6. I do candy buffets too! If you wanna keep it within your color scheme you can always do a range of yellow candies with a grey ribbon. WIll def. work!

  7. If there's one regret I ever had with my wedding, it's never finding a decent-enough cage veil. It would've looked so good in combination with the gown my wife got from one of the wedding dress shops in somerset.


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