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November 20, 2008

Wanna save a few bucks?

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How does Toilet Seat Covers Save me $$$?

Toilet seat covers make for EXCELLENT oil blotting material... So instead of spending money to buy oil blotting papers, next time you hit the public restroom, grab a seat cover and pat your forehead and other oily spots on your face with the seat covers. If you look at the seat cover, you'll be able to see right through the absorbed portions of the seat cover! But please be eco-friendly. I use the back end of the seat cover to gently pat my t-zone, and then lay the same seat cover on the toilet as I squat (i don't like to sit) and take care of things... :)

PS. I would highly advise against using used seat covers, only new ones ;-)


  1. That is the best tip I have heard in a long time!!!!

    those fancy packets you can buy cost alot, don't they?

    A friend of mine used to sit at restaurants, etc. and blot her face with expensive ones..., ewwww. As if we want to see her oily residue?

  2. hahahaha that is too funny! Yes, yes, clean unused ones only please!

  3. That is sooo funny. Someone recently told me that starbucks napkins work great too.


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