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November 22, 2008

With a Pixie Grin... I am tagged!

I was tagged by {With a Pixie Grin} to tell you 7 random things about myself...

7 Random Things about ME!

1. I'm obsessive about mushrooms. (Image Source)

2. I love Mexican Food (Image Source)

3. I'm a snake by the sun calendar but a dragon by the lunar calendar
4. I'm degreed... BA, MA, JD
5. California to DC by way of Indiana
6. Only daughter, Youngest of two, Neice to 14 (28 if you include their spouses), Cousin to 12 (just on my mom's side - not sure how many on my dad's side but at least 15); Aunt to 5 (until I'm married), and mother to two beautiful boys (Image includes only a portion of my mother's side... my father's side is even larger)

7. Very in crazy full in love with this wonderful man!
I invite all of my readers to join in, you can either comment me 7 random things about you, or comment me to let me know you did this on your own blog, so i can add you to my list here on this post!


  1. Wow, big family picture!

    I also love Mexican.

  2. Garlic stuffed olives~ big huge ones! I could eat an entire jar at one sitting!


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