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December 09, 2008

1 Down...

I sent in my deposit for my photog today!!! HOORAY!!!

Who did I pick?

Remember when I asked for your opinion a few months back in this post? Well she's the Photog I chose!!!

Jordana was a referral from my WC, Paola. However, before Paola even gave me her name, she did give me a list of other photogs that I went through. I explained that I wanted a fresh creative vibe... and finally after a few more suggestions, she suggested Jordana of Hazelnut Photography!!! Knowing that Jordana was a friend of Paola's kind of helped me in my decision b/c I knew that she'd be good peeps since Paola is so great... and also I knew that they'd get along - which helps b/c Paola has been with me from the beginning helping me set my vision for the big day and knows what i want...

But what sealed the deal was the hour long conversation that Jordana and I had after a few email exchanges. She was awesome. Fun. Great vibes. Great attitude. She loves what she does. Her Prices are SOOOO reasonable! Her work is EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed her over the phone!

Booking a vendor from long distance, sometimes all you have is email/phone... but since that conversation until now - I've stalked Jordana's blog and have seen such great visuals that seem to only get better (if that's even possible)... I didn't think it'd be so easy to just "know" when i found the right photog, so i waited over a month to see if anybody else struck me... and while i saw some great work, there's just something about Jordana...

So without further Ado... a few of my fave shots from her Blog (all images are from her new blog and her old blog)!

The ever so chic and beautiful BrokeAssBride and her lovely Hunter...

Yeimy & Ronald


One of my all time faves:

Make sure to check out more at Jordana's Blog!!! I'm so excited that I got her as my photog!!!


  1. YAY! That is so exciting! Having your photographer is such a huge relief! Congrats!

  2. Congrats on finding a photog. The pictures all look great.

  3. Seriously gorgeous!! I remember these photos from before - especially the one inside the GREAT!

  4. So exciting!

    Now this means engagement photos are in the near future, right? I'm really looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Yay! Good choice! Her images are awesome!

  6. AWESOME. The one on her site where the guy has a cigarette is funny. Your fav, is my fav too. PS she bought a gorgeous house. CONGRATULATIONS (no port-a-potties, please) ;)

  7. Another thing done!! Whoo hoo. Progress is so awesome, isn't it!? Cheers to some sickly gorgeous images on your wedding day!!

  8. What beautiful pictures!! The key is feeling comfortable with your photographer - and it seems like you definitely found that! So happy for you!

  9. I would be too, she takes great photos, thats so awesome, I can't wait to see your photos
    P.s You've been tagged

  10. Congrats, that is seriously the best feeling. I am not as far out of town as you are but far enough to understand how important clicking with the personalities is, especially when you are far away. That and super quick email responses. And, looks like you chose a for sure winner!!!!

  11. Congrats! Jordanna is great. I was considering her and she was so sweet when she responded to my e-mail. Awesome choice!!

  12. Those are gonna be great pics!

  13. Congratulations!!!
    It might be a great feeling to finaly have your photographer.


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