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December 02, 2008

Another Great Picture Idea

Via TearDrop Weddings (she's full of great ideas!!! image below borrowed from her blog)...

This program is called Poladroid Imagemaker and its very easy. You just download the program, and then drag and drop your own photos and it makes it look like a Polaroid picture. Currently there is only a Mac version, but they did announce that they are releasing a PC version VERY soon! How COOL!

Thank you Teardrop Weddings for yet another fantabulous idea!


  1. I remember Wed2010 had posted something about this program too a while back. I really should try it. It's been lots of fun messing with pictures.

  2. ooh cute! I love polaroids, I was mad when they said they were doing away with the film. I would use mine every now and then.


    It's weird because I never used them much. Myself and countless others I'm sure. . .I guess that's why they are being discontinued.

    Anyway I love the look of them. Very nostalgic. This was the only camera my grandfather (the picture taker) could operate!


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