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December 04, 2008

Divorce? Eeek!!!

Thanks to Classicly Modern, I stumbled upon the "Divorce Calculator"

Luckily for me!!??

People with similar backgrounds who are already divorced: (0 years of marriage entered)


  1. There is a little bit of everything out there huh? Divorce calculator?? I will be checking that out!!!

  2. Did you see Will Smith on the Barbara Walter's special last night. Not that he's an expert or anything, but they were talking about marriage and his thoughts were for people for whom divorce is an option...divorce is a high probability. I always tell DH I've invested too much time and energy in his training. Divorce is NOT an option. However, I might make a concession if I caught him taking my measurements while I slept then heading out to the woodchipper.

  3. I too don't "believe" in divorce... Thus, I watch a lot of Oxygen's "SNAPPED"... whenever FH sees me watching it, i tell him, "i'm just brainstorming..." it's a good way to keep him in line. LOL!

  4. Eekk that was scary but I got 8% I can take those odds!

  5. Divorce Calculator?!?!
    I had to check that out :-)
    I got 4%...


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