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December 31, 2008

A few words to end the Year!

Amongst my friends, i'm not known to have just a few words to say... i'm more of a constant times! But i'll try to keep this short and sweet.

2008 has been an amazing year. Not just with the engagement (which was icing on the cake)... but with life in general. I think i've made great strides and personal improvements which were a long time coming. I've tried to be more aware of my actions ... and even if i've been unsuccessful at controlling my reactions, I'm at least aware.

2008...and 2009!!!

Things that happened this year:

1. Refinanced to purchase a parking space (yes, a parking space required a refinance on my condo)
2. Managed to survive in a 750 Sq ft Condo with FH, Juneau & Kota (at one point having my lovely mom and aunt come and visit)
3. Proposed to (04/04)
4. Said yes to proposal (04/04)
5. Survived first months of engagement (04/04-Present)
6. Had first engagement party (8/2
7. Managed to survive a whirlwind tour of 6 weddings this year (invited to 8, could only attend 6) - 4 in CA, 2 in NJ (Click to see some weddings)
8. Went to first "wedding" related launch Party for Weddzilla
9. Started and maintained a blog
10. Won my first door prize, then online contest prize
11. Learned to be honest with my father (haven't blogged about it, but i will when i'm ready)
12. Made some awesome friends in the blog-o-sphere
13. Learned the proper way to "diet" and still perfecting that skill (i.e., what goes in vs. what goes out)
14. More aware of my moods and behavior (still a work in progress)
15. Cleaned out my social closet a bit...ended a couple friendships that were not good for me
16. Really perfected the skill of "everything will work itself out" regarding my job and not stressing over money ... still need reminders but overall have been very good about it
17. Hired a wedding coordinator, Paola.
18. Hired a photographer, Jordana @Hazelnut Photography
19. Tried to be more appreciative and considerate!
20. Wonderful visits from family and friends :)

Things I'd like to focus on for 2009

1. Be healthier... all around, not just weight-wise. Focus on healthy foods, organic and clean. and Exercise and being Active!
2. Be Honest... try to continue to be honest with those i love, even if its not what they want to hear. No more secrets
3. Live More... try to work at being less controlled by work/money/finances and live a little.
4. Take more vacations. Make more time for family and friends. Be a better friend!
5. Laugh more... find humor in even the most aggravating frustrations
6. Stay Angry Less! Really learn to identify my anger, let it go... and move on.
7. Smile... just to smile b/c life truly is amazing. Amidst the war, the poverty, the hatred, the business... i have a wonderful FH who loves me, Family who supports me, Friends who are loyal, a job that pays the bills and two wonderful puppies! I really do have it all...even if i don't have it "all"
8. Show Gratitude
9. Cook and Bake more :)
10. Live. Love. Laugh

What are your highlights of 2008?? What are your goals for 2009??

UPDATE: Just realized that my 2009 goals are not wedding centered! I'm surprised... i'm sure this time next year, 2010 will be a different story... Do you have wedding related 2009 goals? What are they?


  1. I did my new year thing this morning as well. Your goals for 2009 are great ones, good luck with them all. By this time next year we will both be in wedding freak-out mode, lol! Happy 2009!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your goals! Mine aren't completely solidified yet, so I appreciate the inspiration!

    Wishing you all the best in 2009,


  3. Happy New Year.

    Every year I make the same goal, to never run into a bear driving a small car.

    So far I've been able to accomplish it every time.

  4. Happy New Year, AmyJean,

    I {luv} your blog. I've been following it for some time. Enjoy it so much that I have made the "Bridal Blog of the Week" at my spot.
    Follow the link to the post {I hope that I did you justice:D }::

  5. Nice goals!! I need to sit down and decide what mine are :S:S

    Happy New years eve!!

  6. Your 2009 list is awesome! Good luck and Happy New Year!!!

  7. quite commendable...just keep lying to me though :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. Great goals lady!!!

    I don't know how often that you check your email but I sent you one. Please check it whenever you get the chance.

    Happy New Years to you.

  9. Great post! Great reflections, and great new goals :) Whatever you have planned for New Years Eve, I'm wishing a wonderful, safe time!

  10. Happy New Year!

    best wishes for 2009! :)

  11. I love this post! I used to do similar lists at the end of the year, and one year I just stopped. I'm inspired to list my own now, thanks! I vaguely felt like I did very little in 2008, but I hope I'll have a long list once I start thinking hard and going over every month.


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