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December 17, 2008

NY workshop - i missed, but didn't miss out...

Via Bridechka and the Wedding (another winner from the Unbride contest) who was actually able to attend... a summary of the workshop we missed, but we don't have to miss out on! Here is part one...

Part one tips!!

{All from Bridechka's blog}

So because of my good luck I got to go to the NY Wedding Workshop “How To Get the Most for Your Money” this past weekend and it was really helpful. It was not at all like those huge wedding trade shows where everyone shoves flyers and postcards in your face, this was an interesting and insightful presentation lead by expert wedding planner Lindsay Landman.

I am going to be highlighting some of her advice this week (along with my interpretations of said advice). Some of the comments are common knowledge in the wedding universe but I am thinking there are probably some other clueless (or at least semi-clueless) brides out there just like me who could benefit from Lindsay's experience.

General tips for staying on track with your budget:

1. Set your budget and then aim for one or two vendors to be below the prices you have allotted for them... it gives you "wiggle" room and then you will have money left over to either pocket and put away, add to some other aspect of the wedding, or to use for those unexpected expenses that sometimes creep up on you.

2. Use a budget chart.
Lindsay gave out the one she uses at the event and mentioned that she doesn't really like may of the ones offered online since they don't give you a sliding scale for each item to work with and they don't ask for your number of guests. Her exception to this was the budget calculator on which she gave a thumbs up to (figuratively speaking there was very little actually thumbs up going on... it was very dignified).

3. Make a list of priorities.
This piece of advice really struck me as on point! I know for sure there are certain things I don't care about even a little and so I should allocate my budget accordingly... seems simple right? But sometimes its the simplest ideas that are the most clever. This is where the whole sliding scale thing comes in, don't care about invites (like me!) move that money into something that does matter to you (like yummy yummy food and good music! ok so maybe those are just my priorities).
Lindsay relayed her experience dealing with couples who spent too much money initially on stuff they didn't really care about not realizing they could have found a better price for slightly lower quality product (for example not having letterpress invitations, which I hear are very pricey, if thats not something you actually care about).

4. Look for the "Hidden Value." An example of a hidden value is a bridal suite offered by your ceremony/reception location. It's a hidden value (not just for the convenience) but because you can save money on transportation. If you can get ready at the ceremony site you do not need your transportation to take you there from your home/hotel, therefore you save money because you would have had to pay them for that time.


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