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December 18, 2008

NY Workshop-Part 3

Many thanks to Bridechka for keeping us informed and learning a lot....

Now on to Part 3!!

NY Wedding Workshop “How To Get the Most for Your Money” part 3

The wedding advice continues from the Wedding Workshop this past weekend lead by wedding planner extraordinaire Lindsay Landman.

Today we learn: How NOT to Lose Money

1. Don't over commit to your vendors.
Got a guest list of 170 people? Well its very likely only about 150 of them will come, do not tell your caterer/reception site that you are having 180 guests thinking "Just in case!" Lindsay's wise words on this subject were "You can always add guests but never take away!" Once you commit to a certain number of guests, that is how much you will get charged for and even a few extra people adds up!

2. Don't over order.
(When she said this I thought to myself, "Oh no, she has radar senses for my compulsive over ordering fortified by years of mothers and grandmothers saying 'We aren't going to have enough for the guests! We should have gotten more!'") Lindsay's rule of thumb is that you should order 25 less favors/programs than you have guests. And don't worry you will still have one for your scrap book! Many people don't take the favors/programs home and often couples take on for the both of them. Why spend money on something that you don't have to?? Answer: don't!

3. Never get "drinks on consumption."
This though never even crossed my mind since I come from a family that takes vodka shots to celebrate any and every occasion... oh and also on days that end in "y" but I guess some others that are not trying to mollify a frenzy of alcoholics might consider this option. Lindsay's advice on this was steer clear! People are notoriously fickle with drinks at weddings. They order one, take a sip, put it down, order another, leave it on the table and it gets cleared, order another one, throw it on the floor and yell "opa!" ... then they order another one, pour it on that other guest who was mean to them in the bathroom... oh yeah and then they order another one.

4. Do not sign a contract for a hotel block that requires you to guarantee a percentage of rooms and nights.
It's self explanatory folks, your guests don't fill them and you get stuck with an expense you never expected to pay.

5. Don't book transportation for guests without having them confirm that they will use it.
Another one thats pretty clear - don't spend money on it if no one is going to use it.

6. Do not secure a service through a vendor who does not actually provide that service him/herself.
Lindsay's example, if your band does not have members who play strings but your only wish and desire is to have string play you into your ceremony then contract with a string musician independently do not ask your band if they can get you someone. Sure they will probably find someone and they probably even have great contacts but they will add on a hidden finder's fee for the small effort they exerted in placing the phone call. (PS: Another tip from Lindsay - if strings is the answer to your heart's true desires call the Juilliard school and they will set you up with some string musicians).

7. Do not have a bajillion hair and make-up trials.
Those things cost money! Once you find someone you like, go with it ... we have come back to wedding motto #2 again: don't make yourself nuts searching for the "best" when great is staring you in the face.


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