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December 20, 2008

NY Workshop Part 4-Last and Final

Our last and final part of the NY Workshop series from Bridechka... a big shout out to her for all her great notes and detailed experience... Make sure to check out her blog, it totally rocks!

Onto the Part 4, the Finale!

NY Wedding Workshop “How To Get the Most for Your Money” part 4 (the finale)

To close out the week of recapping the Wedding Workshop, I wanted to list some of the vendors that Lindsay Landman recommends as well as a few last money saving tips.

Clever Money Saving Alternatives
This tip blew my mind ... mostly because it involves cake. Wedding cakes nowadays can get super pricey, especially if you want fancy sugar flowers to decorate it BUT many venues offer a free wedding cake (and by free I mean included in your package price) but fairly few wedding venues have a titan of the pastry arts working for them. So here is the plan, take the cake that comes in your package and ask them to make it very simple (no embellishments), then go to and order whichever flowers suit your fancy and just stick them right into that cake. End result = fabulousity.

Love your monogram? Want to stick it everywhere? How bout your dance floor? Well those personalized dance floors can cost a pretty penny so to get the same effect on the cheap (well... cheaper) got and get yourself one mama-jama of a giant sticker. The best part: stick on the dance floor before the party starts and at the end, they peel right off. No muss, no fuss.

Got a yen for the blingy shiny things but a budget that only gets you one half an earring? Well then consider renting your jewelry! That way you can indulge in dripping diamonds without going into debt for the rest of your life. (Side-note: I am not really into jewelry unless it has some sort of meaning to me no matter how shiny it is but I have always been kind of a tomboy about that stuff and I think that if you are into the big and sparkly then this is definitely the way to go).

Some Lindsay Landman endorsed vendors:

That is all for my report from the Wedding Workshop ... hope you all enjoyed it!

PS. Check out one of my friends - Calligraphy by Kelly Ann. She's awesome, nationwide and reasonably priced :)

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