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December 05, 2008

Videographer-Do I need one?

I'm not sure if you recalled when I reached out to my readers about picking a videographer a couple months back... Well I'm back to revisit this topic!

Is it worth the expense?

The first thing to consider is... Do i really need a videographer? And my outright answer will be "YES!!!" But let me tell you why!
  1. "nothing captures the true experience of being at an event than having life-like moving images... and audio. These are elements that still photography simply can't match." {From this article}
    Now that we are fortunate to have the technology to capture such memories, I think its definitely worth it! Sure, some people say - you will never watch it but for one time, and that may be true - but its something you leave behind. Memories are priceless!!
  2. A friend once told me: Get a videographer! You get to see things you missed b/c you were so busy. She told me, she didn't realize 95% of the things that happened while she was "hostessing" and the things she did get to witness, all went by in a big blur-her wedding video presented to her... her wedding!
    "Couples often feel as though their wedding day went by in a blur. After months of planning and effort, the big day comes in a rush, and everything happens so fast and with such emotion that before they know it, the day is over." {From this article}
  3. I know that my mother and my FMIL/FFIL would love it and definitely want it!
  4. I may get nostalgic one day and want to watch it... I want to make sure that re-living it is even an option
  5. What if my grandkids or great grandkids want to watch it? I'd love to leave that behind so they could see a part of my life. If i could, I'd love to see my grandparents' (or even parent's) wedding day!
  6. It's a part of history, and the best way to record it would be with live images to go along with my still images!
  7. If I've dreamed of this day my whole life, and now the day has come... and I can actually record this big day, why wouldn't i?
Granted, it is an extra expense... but if I've come this far... and I've always known that pictures and video would be one thing that I'd like to get for the big day!

Did you get a videographer? or Are you getting a videographer? What was your reasons for or against it? Advice?

UPDATE: Just ran across another blogger's post about finding her videographer at NewportNuptials. She puts some great suggestions in the post, so i thought i'd add that link to share with y'all... can't have too much info!!!


  1. I say go for it... I am extremely sad I didn't. we had a family member do some taping and it is better than nothing... however I would give anything to have that day done by a professional. there were parts he missed and no talking to anyone. you only get married once and once the chance is gone, it's not coming back. not to put a morbid twist on it but I would give almost anything to have a better video of my mom. all that to say... Go for it!!!

  2. I'd say do it, but you can save a ton of money by finding someone who is just starting out who may not have the best equipment but the heart is still there.

    I'm not a huge fan of having friends and family do it as when you are there to film something you can't really be there. I did my friends wedding (which really was me suggesting it two days before) and while a recent bride has a great idea of what you want it still sort of sucked for me.

    And I don't know if you're a mac user or not, but iMovie is just perfect to edit movies with. I've done both mine and hers and they turned out great.

  3. I didn't and I'm happy about it. Personally, I hate seeing/hearing myself on video so seeing a movie of myself would have just added a lot of doubt and negative thoughts to otherwise happy memories. Plus, we also saved money, which is always a good thing.

    A few questions for you: Would you actually watch it again? (Multiple times?)
    Do you like seeing yourself on video?
    What does your fiance think?

  4. I'm with Bean on this one. Sure if it could look amazing like some of those Super-8's done by unaffordable cinematographers, then maybe. But I get very self-conscious, especially around cameras.

    Adding you to my blog roll by the way :)

  5. I always look horrible on camera! But, honestly, so many married people I know swear that you'll regret not having the big day on video. I'm still skeptical and undecided like you.

    We may use a friend's brother (he's an amateur videographer) who will give us a discount. We don't have the money or care to hire a pro! Good luck with your decision!

  6. Yes, for the sake of posterity, do it. Personally, I can't stand looking at myself now--many years later. However, everyone in the family loves having the video. What it gets down to is that it's a photo albumn of moving pictures that goes beyond myself and what I looked like on my wedding day.

  7. We didn't have a videographer at our wedding but my brother who is the best suprised us by videotaping key parts like the ceremony and he even went around to all of our guests to record messages for us. It was his wedding gift to us :) It didn't take up all of his time and he was still there having fun with us :)

  8. We had my uncle tape the ceremony and the beginning of the reception through to the end of the parent dances. I make my husband watch it on our anniversary, but don't watch it too much more than that. I'm glad we have that much and don't regret having a professional do it. I wanted to use the money toward something else.

  9. I'd say it was worth it... i would be so made if we didn't get that moment caught on tape.
    P.s. Tag your it... check out my blog. :)

  10. Be all about a videographer. Hands down I say yes!!

  11. I hate to sound like a vendor calling it an investment, but.... I feel like peopel spend so much on their weddings, why wouldn't you want to invest a little extra to have these memories of your day saved for you and if you choose to have them, children watch for years to come. I wasn't into the idea at first until I talked to one of my bridesmaids. She knew I was really into wedding photography and was willing to pay a lot for that. She said somehting baout how so many people will be taking photos at your wedding, but only one person will be videotaping. If your photographer really screws up, you have plenty of backup, not so much with the video. It changed my perspective. We ended up getting a great videographer, but his prices were cheaper because of the economy.

  12. I hate to sound liek a wedding vendor but....I think it is one of the few things you may be bale to call na investment. I know I am spending a lot on food, drinks, flowers and things that will only last one day. So to me I feel like spending that extra money to capture all of the details and special moments of the day makes sense. I am already spending a lot, whats a litttle more to savor the moments for the rest of my life?

  13. Without a question. . . you need one. If only to capture your ceremony. . .you need one.

    Once the day is over, it's gone forever. If you can fit it within your budget I say go for it.


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