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December 07, 2008

Videographer - How to pick one?

So I researched a bit, and here's what I was found in regards to finding a videographer!!!

Advice on picking a Videographer

  1. Do research.
    When you find a videographer, look into his/her background, experience, knowledge, and credentials.
  2. Look at Footage.
    Ask to see past work done. Make sure the feel of the videographers' eye fits what you are looking for. What is the tone you want to set? Do you want it to be more documentary style, or more creative and artsy? Check the quality of the work - audio and visual. Is the quality good?
  3. References
    Look into the past clients. Did they have positive experiences? Did the videographer maintain a professional attitude throughout the experience - from booking, to actual filming, to the end product?
  4. Communication
    Is the vendor good at communicating and answering all your questions? From booking a consult and beyond, communication is key. Does the videographer seem to understand what you want? Do they explain the services that are included? Do they tell you what is not included that you may additionally want? Will they include little montage teasers for you?
  5. Editing
    Did you like the way they edited the footage? Do they give you an option of full footage and/or edited footage? What is the price difference?
  6. Equipment
    If you are knowledgeable at all, inquire into the equipment. Or if you just want to compare with other vendors.
  7. Actual Videographer
    Sometimes if its a larger company, they may send someone else out. Ask who will actually be filming the day of
  8. Price
    Compare! Expensive doesn't always mean better. How much time is included in the price?
  9. Read the fine print (as with any vendor)
    Find out what the price includes/excludes. The time they will filming for. All the little details must be attended to before you sign the contract.
  10. Do you like the person?
    It is important you like the person. It makes life easier, and you will feel more comfortable the day of. Also, in sync with liking the person's personality, do you trust and have confidence in this person.
What were your guidelines in choosing a videographer? Did you find that it wasn't so easy? Any advice for us brides still looking?


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice

    blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. About a year ago I went to a Bridal Show just for fun and got the engagement pictures as a prize. Haven’t taken them yet, but the prize is still good…
    When I stopped by the photographer’ studio to have more details about my prize, I was really surprised with their work. They are really good!!
    It would be very convenient to work with them because besides photographers they also have videographers.
    We discussed many of the important things you pointed out when choosing the right videographer. They also mentioned something I hadn’t thought about: each photographer or videographer only does one wedding per day to make sure there will be no time constraints.
    Even though they made me feel very comfortable, which I believe is very important when it comes to videos/photos; I still think I should look around a little bit more before making any final decision. So… the search continues…


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