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January 12, 2009

Bye Bye Tony!

I've just got wind that my favorite coach retiring... and whether or not you like the Indianapolis Colts, i've only come across one person who didn't like Tony Dungy... and he claimed "He's self-righteous"... this coming from a Patriot's Fan. So obviously, you take that comment with a grain of salt...

But there is some truth to that statement, b/c i do believe Tony is a "righteous" man. He is steadfast in his faith, he doesn't preach and not act, he loves his family, adores his wife and children and is someone to look up to... He enhanced my own love of the game from his book "quiet strength" and taught me a little bit about cover-2 defense. And even though the press conference hasn't been held yet, many news outlets are already announcing that Tony is retiring... so i had to share this tidbit off of ESPN Blogger Paul Kuharsky titled "One big reason not to like Dungy departure"

Read it here!

Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

Argue about his postseason effectiveness all you like.

Here is the worst thing about the departure of Tony Dungy from the NFL coaching business: It's a copycat league, and there is one less good guy with success to be copied.

I know for most fans the ends justify the means and that means a coach can be nasty if he's winning. The current final four -- Ken Whisenhunt and Andy Reid, Mike Tomlin and Jim Harbaugh -- are good group, not overridingly irritable or angry.

But losing Dungy from the fraternity hurts.

I'm for coaches who say hello to the janitor, maybe know his name, not for ones who make it clear they don't have time for a simple nod in the hallway that can make the smallest person in the organization feel relevant instead of as if he lives on the other side of a moat from the team's figurehead.

Dungy looked everyone in the eye, cared about human connection, had the unwavering respect of the people who worked for him and worked for his team.

I suspect successor Jim Caldwell will work to build a similar M.O., but he starts from nowhere.

Until at least Feb 1, there is only one coach in the AFC who's won a Super Bowl (only three in the whole league), and that one hardly qualifies as easy-going model to follow. Bill Belichick has actually won three.
I'm sad that Tony is leaving, but glad that Caldwell is stepping in. I'm sad that Tony is leaving, but i'm glad he'll have more time with his family and all his good works! I'm sad that Tony is leaving, but i'm glad that he was able to touch my life the way he did!!

Coach Dungy, you are a hard act to follow! Good luck with ALL Pro Dads and all your other mentoring projects! :)


  1. I know, sad, sad! Although I'm a Cowboys Fan!

  2. I'm a Pats fan but have always like Dungy. He's a very good man.

  3. Amy- I have a question for you. I can't find an email link on your page (maybe I'm blind?). Can you send me an email at Thank you!!

  4. As a born-and-raised Indianapolis girl, I'll miss Tony Dungy. I'm a little irritated that owner Jim Irsay has now been speaking for 15 minutes - and quoting poetry! Just like "there's no crying in baseball," there's no poetry in football! Let the man with quiet strength talk for goodness sake!

  5. I was personally holding out for a Peyton - Eli superbowl...but that clearly isn't going to happen now! =(


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