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January 24, 2009


I just got this email from my yahoo groups for DC ... if you live in DC, please be on the lookout for this dog:

From the Find My Dog Alli Blog:

Alli went missing at 11pm on Jan 21st, in the foggy bottom/west end area of DC. She managed to free herself from the person walking her after she was spooked by someone/something behind a fence.

She is a female newfoundland, who is black with a white spot on her chest.
She is wearing a black nylon dog collar.
She is very friendly, but can be spooked easily.

She responds to her name if it is said nicely, but does not know any other commands. Since she is a little shy, it is good to crouch down and call her name if you see her. She was last spotted late the night she was lost on the grass near 25th and penn. ave.

If you have any information, have sighted her, or have found her please call me at 818-519-8887 or 202-293-1525, or email me at There is a reward for the person who finds her or information that leads to her safe return. Thank you for your help


  1. Ok I need technical help and thought you might be able to help me.

    So I figured out how to "choose an identity" and get the google/blogger. But when I comment and you click my name it leads to a "profile private" page. I want it to go to my website or at least my profile that has a link?

    Thanks girl!

  2. Thanks! Few more questions if you have time...

    Is your blog through "blogger"? Mine isn't and I don't want to change to that, but it wants me to be a blogger blog to display the link? Or am I totally missing something?

    Sorry, I feel totally ridiculous right now.

  3. Thanks for your help. That is what I did. It's better than not being able to comment.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Oh no!! I hope she's found, she's beautiful!

  5. Awwww I hope they find Alli! That is so sad. You know I'm a doggie girl, just like you.


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