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February 02, 2009

Some Real "News"

I've got some fun and exciting "news" (no pun intended)!

I was recently interviewed as a "bride" for a segment on the Local ABC news for Alison Starling's Working Women Series. She was interviewing Kristen, one of the co-founders of the awesome and brilliant site I can't rave enough about what a brilliant idea this site is... and even though i feel that its not the best angle of me, and i'm not looking too good - i do think its a great segment to highlight and want to share it with y'all...

Make sure to check out and their blog too! :)


  1. So cool! Congrats, and great job! :)

  2. HEY....LOOK AT YOU ON TV!!!!! Great job!

  3. How cool! Congrats....this is awesome!

  4. Wow! How fun and cool! you famous person you...

  5. That's cool. You did a great job promoting it.

  6. They couldn't have picked a nicer bride, Amy . . .Great interview

  7. I can't get it to play! I think my internet is too slow lol.
    But CONGRATS anyways!!

    by the way, to answer: about $120.

  8. Great interview!! I've never heard of Weddzilla before. I will check it out. Congrats on your TV fame!! :)

    Lol...congrats, you did an awesome job
    PS: Now that you're famous (lol) I'd like to request my place in your entourage

  10. I couldn't wait to come home and see/hear your interview {my speakers on my work computer don't work!}. You did FABULOUS girl!! As weird as it may have been to see yourself on tv, I'm sure you were super excited too! :) Can't wait to see round 2...your wedding publicized!! :)

  11. Go Girl! That is awesome!

  12. OOoooooo AMY JEAN!!!!

    SO VERY AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Great job, and now I have to check out that site.

    Geez, if only I had known about that site before I got started.

  13. Amy - You have to admit it was a kick doing the tv shoot! Don't be so hard on yourself... you looked very calm and together. Maybe one makeup camera angle wasn't the best but you were very well spoken and we had fun!!


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