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January 27, 2009

Don't be a Bridezilla...

I added the badge! So should you!!!

At we give you the tools to stay calm and keep the "Bridezilla" in all of you away!

Show off the fact that you aren't a "Bridezilla" by adding the image below to your Facebook, MySpace, or Blog sites! If you are a Bride or Vendor that is signed up on already you can earn $5 bucks to use towards anything on our site for displaying this logo proudly! Please link it to if you can!

Once you have it displayed send us a note by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page on Let us know where you posted it (include a link) and we will put the cash in your account!

Instructions on how to get this image on your page:

Downloading the image
  1. Right click and select "Save Image As"
  2. Save it to a spot you'll remember
  3. Go to the place you want to put it up & upload!

Linking to the image
  1. Rick click on the image and select "Copy Link Location"
  2. Paste URL into any site that allows you to upload an image by location


  1. You've been tagged!!!
    Come by my site and see the details. :-)

  2. I was rather proud of my bridezilla look, failed miserably in acting like one though.

  3. Oh my goodness, you got double tagged today! Check my blog :))))

  4. That's hilarious! Oh goodness, looks like I'm the fourth to tag you're one popular girl! Come see my blog to get the scoop.

  5. I tagged you, too, in my latest blog:

    but it's probably the same as everyone else.

  6. This is awesome, I am definitely gonna add it to my site too!


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