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January 08, 2009

Everyone can Chip in!

So we all know, I love pictures... yes i know it goes along with the stereotypical "She's Asian!" but it is true, I almost always at least have my point and shoot with me at all times ... LOL. Nothing can capture a moment like a picture, right?

So in efforts to collect all my captured moments... I've come up with a plan. It's not original, it's not that great - but i think with the right instruction could work well
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My Plan is to leave little business card size notes ... I'm not sure where, maybe in the program,

maybe in the thank you notes

maybe at each place setting like below...

and these notes will say

"We have provided an open-access site for you to upload your pictures from our Wedding Day (engagement party, etc etc). Please follow the instructions below and upload your pictures to our site to help us memorialize our event even more!"

You see, I've created a ghost email account on GMail. For anything wedding related. By doing so, I've created a Picasa account as well. With a generic email and a generic password, Our guests can easily access this Picasa site and then easily upload their pictures.

And of course, I've added this information to our wedding website as well. So word of mouth, Wedding website and little reminder notes will be provided, so that way we can have not only our own pro pictures, but we can get other people's points of views from our big day... its the electronic version of disposal camera's at every table!

Whaddya think? Did any of y'all do something similar? Do you plan to?


  1. I am big into pictures and I think that is an awesoem idea! I'd love to hear more on what you end up doing to let guests know!

  2. I have a few camera-happy friends that I know will take great shots, so we're including a card in our thank-you cards for people to upload to Flickr. Great idea!

  3. I love it. Those cameras on the table are a waste of money IMO. People either don't use them, take them home with them, or use them after 3 hours at the open bar and you get pictures of boobs and butts.

  4. You know its still funny but my Nebraska friends and familiy were more than happy and willing to upload their pictures to our shutterfly share site (another great option for those who want something free).

    But the Chicago folks just didn't get it. Instead they sent us all the pictures on CDs after months of us begging.

    It's a great idea and it does sort of work if you have computer savvy people. But you may still have to do some of the work yourself, sadly.

  5. I love your idea Amy Jean! I'm a photo fanatic so I'm totally with ya on this idea : )

  6. This is a great idea! Some of the older folks might have a harder time but I think most people will dig it and you will have so many great shots.

  7. I love pictures! My girls get so tired of me taking pics. I like your ideas, I can't wait to see what you decide to do.

  8. Great idea! Is Picasa easy to use? I was thinking of doing something similar but some of my family members that don't have digital still haven't figured out how to download - they just print what they want and delete the rest...
    So anything I would do would have to be easy!

  9. I like this idea a lot, because it eliminates waste from the disposible cameras. Plus, if people are using their own camera, they are more likely to take pictures that count. I think this idea will serve you best in your thank you notes. People will have already uploaded them to their computers (most likely) and it will be fresh in their mind to upload them to your site.

  10. What a fabulous idea! I know that many of my married friends have had such a difficult time organizing guest pictures. Love the idea!


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