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January 30, 2009

Guess What We did yesterday?

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Ok, we did open a joint account, but not that type of joint! FH and I now have a "joint BANK account"! There is no turning back now! Ahhhhhh!!!!


  1. What an exciting step! We just got on the same family plan for our cell phones! I had to switch carriers, but that step makes it seem so real!

  2. Were you really going to "turn back" before you set up the joint account?

  3. Can you say, "ball and chain?" ;-) Just kidding, m'dear! Such a simple but great step, isn't it?? Congrats!

  4. I can't wait til we do that. it will make things so much easier.
    @Michelle--we did the cell phone thing just a couple months ago...and with how often we are on the phone, it makes a HUGE difference!

    becoming an official couple (and not in the high school sense) is too much fun.

  5. So much fun! Silly how the little things matter.

  6. He he he we didn't do that til we came back from our Honeymoon.

    Had to put all that wedding money somewhere.

  7. We did that about a month ago, right after we moved in together. Let me tell you, it makes life SO much easier! I don't know how you guys are combining finances, but we just each put a percentage of our income in, so it's equitable.

    That number may have to increase as wedding spending ramps up!

  8. wow...already!? we still haven't even done that! Maybe after we get back from Mexico in February!

  9. It's official. Just make sure you keep your own seperate account as well. You don't want a mysterious shoe purchase showing up on your monthly bank statement, lol.


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