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January 23, 2009

Let there be Light! {Part 1}

Not having a venue secured and trying to plan wedding decor is pretty difficult... but since i feel "THE" venue is within my reach, i've been exploring ideas that i only bounced around in the past... (like here) and now... instead of just looking at the pretty lighting... I now need to actually learn about lighting to figure out what I need or don't need :)

Here are the types of lighting:

1. According to Wikipedia: "Intelligent lighting refers to stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination...For this reason, intelligent lighting is also known as automated lighting or moving lights."
{Image Source}

2. Party Lights & Stand:
{Image Source}

3. According to wikipedia: "A floodlight is an artificial light providing even illumination across a wide area"

4. Pin Spots use 6 or 12 volt lamps that provide a pencil-thin beam. They are usually supplied with a 6V transformer and a 6V 30W lamp. They're very economical, and work great in clusters. also referred to as "rain lights"

5. According to Wikipedia: "A gobo is a template or pattern cut into a circular plate used to create patterns of projected light."

6. Methods of lighting:
  • Downlighting is most common, with fixtures on or recessed in the ceiling casting light downward.
{Image Source}

  • Uplighting is less common, often used to bounce indirect light off the ceiling and back down.
{Image Source}

Have any of y'all used any of the above? If so how? Part 2 will definitely explore, what type of lighting i want... but i'd love to hear about the type you've had or are planning to have!


  1. I am totally digging the new look around here! We're doing basic dance lighting, and some colored "mood lighting" (downlights). Pretty basic, since my budget was G-O-N-E by the time I got to lighting. :)

  2. I LOVE the make-over! It's so GREAT! We are also doing basic dance lighting and lots of candles to set a romantic tone. I'm on the same boat with Jenn, lighting is just not in the budget.

  3. Luv the post.
    You really 'get it'
    Lighting sets the mood, hands down! everything else is complementary:-)

    P.S.: Bridechka is the featured 'Bridal Blog of the Week' over at my 'spot'. Follow the link and show her some love by leaving a comment...all of your friends are invited... :)

  4. O-O-O-OPS!!

    forgot the busy marvelling your new look!

    The LINK::

  5. I'm not sure what lighting I want. Probably whatever they already have - mostly because I just like the soft glow... so I'll use what they have (turned low) and accent it with lots of candles for that soft look!

  6. I LOVE your new blog makeover!! We were very serious about lighting, and even spoke to various florists about it. However, at this time, it isn't in our budget. {We were going to incorporate pin lighting} Also, I think our venue has some uplighting and our DJ has his own lighting, too.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for responding to my mother-in-law post! Your advice about Korean moms is always spot on. I appreciate your support!

  7. you are gonna be an event producer by the time you're finished!

  8. Love the patterned gobo lighting for outdoor nighttime weddings.

  9. uplighting is very popular in NY, but it can also be very expensive {sometimes as much as $55 per light fixture}. I'm hoping to incorporate it because it looks really nice but I have to pull a few strings first! lol. Thanks for this post, it was very informative!

  10. I didn't even think about lighting, but it definitely adds to the atmosphere of a place. I guess the Big Guy and I will have to decide after we pick a place (you are way closer to securing one than we are).

  11. wow you did your research on lighting! btw, thanks for what u said on my blog yesterday - you are SO right about being a blogger and seeing new, beautiful ideas everyday...i think that is the root of my second-guessing! lol it's all good now though, i think i was having a 'moment'

  12. Love the new look. It looks great!!!

    I am digging the down lighting.

    Very nice.

  13. Pretty Blog!!!! Lovin' it! We are going to do inexpensive uplighting, since I can get those for a pretty good price. I wish I had more $$ to work with.


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