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January 26, 2009

Let there be Light! {Part 2}

So after exploring Lighting in the most basic sense, i need to figure out what I want!

Here is a picture of the inside of "THE" Venue:

As you can see, the inside is pretty blank... and by blank i mean, there's a lot that can be done to the room... The wood floors are awesome b/c we spare ourselves the expense of a dance floor! There's big windows and plain walls, that I think a little bit of drapery and uplights can do wonders too. Maybe with a few pin spotting we can highlight certain areas like the sweetheart table, or the cake...

I'd love a look like this

This look is very simple. I wouldn't do the stars on the side, but the uplighting in a few spots, the drapery on top... i like that
{Image Source}

Another look that is more dramatic is this:
I like this look because it's bright and cheery...
{Image Source}

I do like this look as well...

It's very evening lighting but with a brightness that is not as cheery as the look above, but still somewhat bright and mysterious.
{Image Source}

Are you doing lighting at your wedding? What kind of lighting? What helped you figure out how you will set your tone with lighting?


  1. I adore the pinspotting on the tables in the second pic. And the flowery chandelier in the third! I think a combination of drapery/uplights will transform that room. How nice to have a blank canvas to work with...the possibilities are endless!

  2. Very nice. I did like the stars in the sky idea from a while back too.

    If I'd only thought of it before our wedding, he he he.

  3. That is a great space! We are not doing lighting because it is just not in the budget but we do still want to set a romantic feel to the night. I am using lots of candlelight and the lighting at the venue has tons of beautiful sconces on the wall with dimmers and a spotlight for the dancefloor. If we stay on budget or under I would like to add some up lighting or wall washes.

  4. Your wedding is going to be fabulous.

    P.s. love the new site look

  5. You can create any vision you want because you are working with a blank canvas. Lights and material are going to be your best friend. Have you looked into some gobos for the dance area?

  6. love the inside! it's a huge space!! lots of room to "get jiggy with it". did i just type type that!!?? lighting and drapery will be beautiful additions, but can get pricey with a space that big :/ but we're all about negotiations!!

  7. VEry pretty lady!

    I like that you have so many decor options. I like the last couple of pics, very nice!!

    My fiance loves draping but we couldn't swing it. Too expensive.


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