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January 28, 2009

Let's Rally and Help her out!

Only a few days left to rally and help her out! She really REALLY needs your votes! Take the two minutes it takes to help her out! :)

Y'all know i'm a diligent follower of many great blogs out there... and of course one of our fave's in the blogosphere is The Broke-Ass Bride. Not only is she full of great ideas, inspirational stories and fun, entertaining blurps from her own personal life... but she has been pretty loyal as a reader and supporter of many of our blogs... So let's all rally and help her out...and by helping her, you're helping her goals to have a GREEN wedding!!!

From the Broke-Ass Bride Blog

"Hunter and I have been chosen as finalists in a green wedding contest, hosted by Trees Instead! If we win first prize we get a free honeymoon to Costa Rica (!), but the top 5 finalists also win awesome, environmentally responsible prizes such as carbon offsets and trees planted for each guest!
Please take a moment to vote for us, it would mean the world to us if we could win. The easiest way to do so is via their website but one needs the following answers to enter in the form:

Here's today's answers to the questions - you can fill them in and submit the form by clicking here
Name: Dana LaRue & Hunter Stiebel
Date: 5/24/09
Title of the Baptism Page?: A Tree to Honor a Baptism
How much is the value of the amex gift card on the Love story giveaway?: $250
Where are trees planted for a Bar / Bat Mitzvah?: Moshav Nehalim, Israel
Complete this based on title on our memorial trees page "Complete this based on title on our memorial trees page"THE FAMILY RECEIVES AN ELEGANT......CONDOLENCE": Tree


  1. I love that you did this post! I really hope she wins!

  2. AJ... I don't know what to say. Thank you more than my meager words can convey. I want to hug you right now! I'm glad to call you friend. :)

  3. Already voted today. I'll try to go back tomorrow, and every day (as long as I remember)

  4. Woop woop, you now I voted for our girl!

  5. I voted and how nice of you to do this for her!!

  6. i'm going to vote today!

    and p.s. i tagged you - check out my blog ;)

  7. Cool!

    FYI..the site looks great! :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, hon. You're awesome!

  10. check out my blog


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