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January 28, 2009

The Letter B

I was assigned the letter "B" by Katy@ Tripping down the Aisle... to name 10 things I love that start with "B"!

1. Basketball...
{Image Source}

2. Bike... as in a Motorbike, but not a crotch rocket... I love Cruisers, like this one!

{Image Source}

3. Baseball

{Image Source}

4. Beer
{Image Source}

5. Bags... I love handbags...Any kind all kinds every kind

6. Blogging... 'nuff said, and y'all know you are too!

7. Books - i love reading fiction, Bridget Jones-esque type books. I also love historical fiction ... and non fiction, but i love to lose myself in some fun fiction lately

8. Brother ... well my brother is like one of my closest friends. He's always supportive... always understand and never judgmental... i couldn't be a luckier sister, even though he did run me over with a car when i was a toddler! Isn't he cute as toddler, with his doll and his guns ?

9. Beach - a pic of mom, me and FH at Huntington Beach

10. And finally... Boys... I love my boys!


  1. Oh man, the boys are super cute!

  2. What's melatonin? lol
    I'd do earplugs, but I don't think that would stop my thoughts lol. I would try turning on the TV, but then I'd end up watching it haha. And the only books I have are Twilight books!! Those are definitely not boring, lol.
    Sometimes if I sing a lullabye in my head it helps haha.

    The boys are sweet =)

  3. Great choices! BTW love the site revamp!

  4. Awww, this was a fun one! Just wanted to share...YOU have been blogged!

    P.S. Love the new look!


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