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January 22, 2009

Memories in Oil Painting

If i had the extra money in my budget, I'd love to get my reception memorialized in oil paints during the actual reception! It's such an amazing idea... and something you can keep forever that can be a staple in your home's decor... that isn't just a wedding picture, but is so unique and special...

Image from Langham Huntington Hotel Wedding by Karen Winters
Painting by Sam Day

Any body else done this before? I'm almost wondering if i should find space for it in my budget to make it happen... I simply LOVE the idea! And I just learned the term is "Live Event Painter".. i'm drooling for this!!


  1. I loooove this idea, too. I'm with you - if I had the money, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

  2. One of my June brides is doing this!!! This was her one item that she was sure she budgeted for and wanted to splurge on. She's going with Karen Wall Garrison out of California. (

    SUCH an awesome idea!!


  3. That is a great idea - i saw a bride do it on this seasons premiere of Platinum Weddings

  4. Wow! I never would have thought of that, but how cool!

  5. I like. You could even do it later on down the road when you are rolling more bank. Just get the photographer to step back and take an overall picture and take that to a painter to use as a reference. They should be able to achieve the same idea.

  6. Yeah I'd just make sure you get a picture you really like of the setting and down the line have someone paint it.

    If they have an image to go off and lots of time you'd get a much better painting anyway. I have been kicking around the idea to start trying to copy some of our wedding pictures with my little attempts at acrylic paintings actually.

  7. There is an artist in Phoenix who does this sort of thing. Although her paintings are more like cartoons or pop art than the styles you show here. Thought about this but not really in the budget.
    Here is her webpage:

  8. Wow, what an amazing keepsake! That would be so awesome. Wouldn't it be cool if someone surprised you and that was their wedding gift!

  9. Hey sweetie -- my initial thought was that it was that I didn't like it because I kept thinking it's something you wuld get tired of in in the future but you would never want to get rid of because of the sentiments and the costs. But, as TC and I are working on the designs for our house we're going to build next year -- I changed my mind. We are working on picking a few items to be focal in the house and this would be a grat focal point for your home. if yu do somehing like this you whould consider the background colors so that you could make it a focal point. well those are my two cents

  10. Hi, I'm a live event painter living in Florida but willing to travel most anywhere. Please visit my website to view my work. I have a few dates still available in Aug. Prices are affordable!

  11. It is a wonderful idea! I am just curious about how much it costs. I just started writing articles at Cheap Wedding based on my own experience. I was wondering if you could provide any pricing information, that way I could maybe recommend this to my readers as a cheap option for something unique. Regards, Martha.


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