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January 07, 2009

My Monogram

So I've been so lucky to have met some awesome people via the blogosphere. Amanda @Mandolin Productions has been super awesome in trying to help me design a monogram for my FH and I... However, She's so awesome that i can't seem to pick... So i'd love some suggestions, input, opinions and advice... and be sure to check out Amanda's work or contact her for more of her services! She's awesome and talented! :)

Check out the designs!

The three background styles:

Which backgrounds do you like?

3 Font Styles

Combined Looks


Style #2-B (Reversed)

As you can see the major differences are slight... FH likes the simpler fonts, i like the curlier ones... And I was gonna go with the "L" first as seen in the "reversed" images, but I'm thinking the "A" looks better in the front than the "L" does... And yes, the Light yellow with gray/silver is kinda helping to solidify my own color palette :)

What are your thoughts? Which one do you like? Do you think a different font on a different background is better? I'd love your thoughts...


  1. I like design 3 and font 2. and I think the background is beautiful!

  2. Background #1 and Font #3 are great!! I love the both of those.

  3. I like background number 1, font style number 2.

    And can I get a side of fries with that. Thanks.

  4. I like the very last one. I love the mongram where your first name letters are smaller than the center F and the very last background is too cute!

  5. I've changed my mind couple times already but I like BG#1 and font #2.

  6. Oh you've given me too many choices!!! ;)

  7. when she reverses, the font sizes change? I like some of the reverse images, with the size of the not reverse. I'm going to have to print, everything is easier seen (edited) on paper!

  8. I like design two the best, but i can't pick font styles they are all pretty great, looks like you've got your work cut out for you.

  9. Cool...but I can't make a decision. I feel sorry for you. Lol. :)he

  10. I'm all for background #3
    And with that back ground, option #1-B (I think that's the right one!)

  11. Oh my. How overwhelming, all those choices. I think the very idea of a custom monogram is cute - so whatever choice it will look great.


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