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January 06, 2009

Photobooths {Part Deux}

As we get closer and closer to March 6, 2009 ... i'm trying to book as many vendors as i can even though my venue isn't 100%. I can only do research and hope that my date works out and try to get my vendors on board regarding a possible change of date/venue. I've booked my wonderful photog - Hazelnut Photography - which I'm thrilled about and I'm currently hunting for a videographer and possible PHOTOBOOTH! YES, a photobooth! Remember when I first ventured the photobooth possibility in Part 1? Well i'm back to reorganize my thoughts!

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My wonderful photog Jordana offers a second shooter, who can provide a photobooth service. I was already to go along with this until i reread my Photobooth Part 1 post. The main part I am referring to is what I want in a photobooth... having electronic copies, having our names on the photos, and a copy for our guests. I was wavering on the "copy for our guests" point only b/c i know that a non-traditional photobooth can give more room for creativity (i.e., props, staging). But then I remembered how much fun I had when I was at E&T's wedding and loved our photobooth pictures and getting them almost instantly was so much fun...

So i've come across Cheesy Photobooths:

This is what they offer:
Our standard rental rate includes:
- Unlimited double prints for the duration of your event up to 4 hours (possibly 6 hrs if i book soon).
- Digital CD of all photos taken at your event.
- Friendly and knowledgeable on-site attendant.
- Delivery, setup and breakdown of photobooth in OC/LA.
- Custom digital event banner applied to photos.
- Scrapbook and supplies for your guests to post photos and messages.

I'm so tempted to use them. Their prices aren't high by any means and they have teamed up with a videography service that could technically cut my cost to equal what I'd pay just for videography.

I think that for a minimal cost, using a photobooth service could be totally fun and doable... it'd be one highlight of fun to the evening and provide more pictures and entertainment. What are your thoughts? Have any of y'all used Cheesy Photobooths or their sister services? Have you thought about a photobooth but decided against it? For it? What were your reasons? What about other good vendors? I'd love to hear some suggestions, advice and/or thoughts on this :)

PS. This would also solve the guestbook issue as well ... an EXTRA PERK!! :)


  1. Wow! It is getting close. Good luck getting everything in order. Go with a photo booth. I think fun pics will be the best way to reminisce about the big day.

  2. YYYYAAAAAAAAAAY Photo booth. And props on their name. Although, I shudder when i remember my last entry in E&T's guestbook.

  3. Ooooh I am a big fan of photobooths, they always provide entertainment for the guests and lasting memories for you guys.


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