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January 05, 2009

Super Bummed

I know its not the end of the world, but i'm super bummed b/c i realized on Friday night that at some point in the last 24 hours, I lost a side stone on my ring :(

See my sad ring

Note that there is a dark spot on the lower left side around the main stone (if looking on it straight on, its the lower left corner, one spot to the right)...

*Sorry about such a bad pic, i took it with my cell phone :(


  1. OHhhh NOooooo. That sucks!!!! That makes my stomach ache a little for you, sorry to hear.

    I'd be soo sad. I'm always looking at my e-ring and touching it to be sure the stone is there... I'd be pretty sad if I lost it, even though it is insured and everything. (It was my MIL's stone.)


  2. Oh goodness! Do you have a warranty plan? That's so disappointing. I hope you can get it fixed.

    Your ring is GORGEOUS by the way ;)

  3. Your ring is fierce! I hope you can get it taken care of

  4. Noooo way!!! I would die!!! But thank heavens you have insurance...and it's not the day before the big day!!!

  5. I'm so sorry. Good luck in getting it replaced/fixed.

    Hopefully you have a really trusted jeweler. I've heard some bad stories about mall ones that do such a shitty job.

    Okay I'm probably not helping much am I?

    What if I juggle some fish instead?

  6. Losing a stone is like losing a piece of you, I totally understand. I was sooo, sad about losing my sapphire, and the only thing that i could keep telling myself was a)not engagement, and b)not an heirloom. So sorry, sweets!

  7. Awww, I am so sorry to hear that sweetie! That is one of my worst fears! I am constantly looking at my rings because of that fear ;~) I hope you can get it fixed easily!

  8. Oh Goodness!!!
    Do you have insurance?
    It is a gorgeous ring by the way...

  9. Though it is hardly noticible, I hope it can be taken care of easily.

    The jeweler that we got my ring from guarantees the ring for stone loss for life as long as I get it inspected every 6 months.

    We had our first inspection in December. It is so common to lose pave stones, so we wanted to have some sort of protection.

    Hopefully, your jeweler is similar.

  10. This happened to my E-ring the very weekend I got engaged.
    My gradfather (who was the jeweler that orderd the ring my fiance picked out) was furious and they fixed it for free.

    If another one falls out, they will replace the band.

    Hope you have the same experience!

  11. I'm so sorry this happened! I'm not sure where your FI bought your ring, but my jeweler has a lifetime warranty on my ring. I specifically asked her what would happen if a stone fell out. She said, bring it back and it will be replaced asap.

    Definitely get on the phone with your jeweler! Let us know what happens...

  12. That is really sad and I actually have nightmares about it. Do you have insurance?

  13. Hey guys, thanks so much for all your comments. I am a freak and check it daily, so i know i lost it sometime between thursday and friday :( It's a minor setback b/c i know it is easily replacable, but just made me sad... and the thought of being w/out my e-ring for a couple days makes me sad too... but i do have insurance (first thing we did, i use gemshield!) so now its just a matter of contacting my jeweler and seeing how quickly they can fix it...

    What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger, right? Lol... in the big scheme of things, I know its a minor thing :)

    Thanks again for being so supportive! :)

  14. You poor dear!! Can you get it fixed??
    I'm glad you posted this-- it reminds me that I need to take mine into Kay's for it's 6-month checkup!

    I'm lovin' your ring btw-- lost stone and all!

  15. That is a total bummer! Good thing you have insurance! And, stuff can always be replaced!

  16. Oh, no! That's one of my big fears. I love your ring - its so sad to think of it being one stone short! Waah :(

  17. Oh no! That is so scary! I'm glad you have insurance though. When you get it back you'll have to do engagement ring pictures too! The ring is gorgeous!

  18. That sucks! I am sorry your bummed :(

  19. Theres always some one worse off. Last year I lost the main diamond in my wedding ring. Looked all over but never recovered itIt was an heirloom of my husband's grandmother. To top that off, my hubby lost so much weight his wedding band vanished entirely . . .
    Despite all this ring tragedy we are still happily married and love one another

  20. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. that has got to be the worst feeling. I hope it gets fixed soon. thank goodness for insurance. *hugs*

  21. OMG! I am so sorry that happened. You can get that fixed but find a really go jeweler who will not dent your base. I has a set put in my mother ring for about $30 and they did a great job. Do you have a FINK'S JEWELERS in your area?

    Good luck girl, oh and that ring is so GORGEOUS! I love it!

  22. that bad boy is huge... LOL... it stinks you lost a stone on it.

  23. That's horrible! I hope you get it fixed soon. I've awarded you on my blog; I hope that brightens your day!


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