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January 17, 2009


If you are a loyal reader, you already know lots of random things about me... or maybe that i'm just random... but for you newbies, here i come with a new Tag from Amy@{with the pixie grin} to list 7 random facts about me!

1. I have a shoe fetish... 100+ shoes and counting, i've been forbidden to buy more shoes til we have more space... :( LOL

2. I am Cone shaped. My upper body/arms/back area is wider than my lower body - so unlike the common butt problem (i do still have that)... my problem area is more focused on my arms, chest, backfat etc... (any one know of a cure for this?)

3. I have a strong affinity towards Marines... Why? My uncle is a retired marine... and I grew up with him almost every other weekend of my childhood. He taught us marine songs and chants... and to this day, i still favor them greatly ... OOOHHH RAAAA! Semper Fi!

4. I come from a family of pastors. I wasn't raised a PK (Pastor's kid) but when i graduated from grad school, my mom also graduated from theology school and was ordained. Also, my three uncles are pastors, and i have a cousin who is a pastor. Those who aren't "Pastors" (and those who are) also do a lot of missionary work all over the world.

5. My father will not be at my wedding (more on this at another time)

6. I love root beer but currently only give myself the diet variety

7. I have some of the best, most wonderful friends in the world :)

I now pass the baton to the following:

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If i didn't mention you, but you'd like to do this, please feel free, but send me a comment so i can link you to this post :)


  1. I love these type of questionnaires because I really feel like I learn some interesting things about people!

  2. That's so funny!! I was enjoying myself so much reading your random facts that I almost got mad when I saw my name b/c that meant the end of the random facts! I was like, "Shoot, that's 7 already?" hahaha Guess I can't be mad since you tagged me! Anyway, just so you know, no matter how much you post random facts, we also love to hear more from you!!!!

  3. Yay it let me through!!!

    I have to be in the right mood for root beer..

    I AM a PK

    and I need to learn how to shop for MORE shoes. I'm a one-pair-of-tennis-shoes and one-nice-pair-of-heels gal. I know, I'm terrible.

  4. sorry to hear about #5. family issues are no fun ;~( I am with you on #6... at least the first part... I LOVE root beer!


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