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January 21, 2009

{Vendor} De-stressing Makeup Tip #1

From one of the awesome local vendors in the DC Metro Area, Barbara from Bridal Artistry is talented and works with a great group of make up artists in the local area! Reasonable priced, talented and willing to travel for your big day... what else could you want! :)

Bridal Artistry DC De-stressing Makeup Tip #1

Heard about the WOW!! factor of false lashes for your wedding day but worried about the pop-off possibility, the heavy lid-distraction, the Tammy Faye image?
Let me clarify your thinking… Every bride should look the way she wants to on her special day, but also the way she wants to be remembered in those wedding photos around for posterity. So… most brides go with a more or less feature-enhanced classic look.

Are your lashes short, thin, straight and resistant to curling? You are a prime candidate for false lashes. Individually applied lashes, especially from mid-lid to the outer corner of the eye can be lovely ~ brightening and lifting your eye without looking or feeling heavy. A full strip of thin, lashes carefully applied right up against the existing lash line adds beautiful volume and maximo glam to your look. You can even (once waterproof glue is fully dry) add a bit more black mascara to blend the real lashes with the fake and volumize. A light hand on the mascara here will avoid the Tammy Faye mistake, especially since you can buy black lashes.

Are your lashes long, full, naturally curled? Why, oh why would go fake when nature can be enhanced with a great volumizing and waterproof (note emphasis here) mascara. Let the first coat dry only slightly before adding another coat.

{here the bride just applied mascara to her own thick lashes}

The pop-off factor can be minimized by putting an extra dab of lash glue at either end of the strip or on individual lashes. The glue dries clear and unnecessary excess can be pilled up and pulled away from the skin (like rubber cement) after fully dry. When the tears flow – come on, you know it – blot under the bottom lashes and never rub or press on the whole lid. Waterproof glue and mascara will keep the lashes from suffering run-off and you will look more demure…

Finally, if you decide to go with lashes, experiment in advance of the wedding. After a bit you won’t even notice any extra “weight” on your lids, and, of course, if you show up one evening in jeans and false lashes ….

{here the bride opted not to do lashes, while her bridesmaid opted to get them}

Barbara Hill


  1. I have a serious phobia of fake lashes...they totally creep me out! But I really want to try them for the big day, so I think I'm going to have my makeup artist do the individual lashes rather than a strip so I don't feel like Tammy Faye. Great advice!

  2. I think false lashes are the way to go but I do recommend having the make-up artist apply them for you. Even with practice I think I would have botched that up! ;) Thank you for the picture comment! BTW I love your pics from the inauguration!

  3. I didn't do the falsies (which is a good thing as thanks to everyone around me freaking out I had a huge glob of mascara on my eye I had to get rid of) but I think that is one thing if you have to have it rely on someone else.

  4. Phony lashes remind me of the early 70s when everyone (I mean everyone) wore them. They are hard to get right believe me. A pro can coach and lend a hand . . .

  5. I do think a makeup artist is the way to go for false lashes. I can only imagine how they would look if I tried to put them on myself.

  6. I have never tried false lashes before, but I think I need them because my lashes are so curly they don't have a lot of length. I defiantely need a professional for that part.

  7. I have seen fake lashes on some girls and they look so great but when I have put them on before it looks like I have spiders attacking my eyeballs but maybe that just speaks to my own lack of abilities in putting them on.

  8. I've got long, curled lashes--- but I don't want to have streaking mascara.
    I know I know --- WATERPROOF!!

    But I HATE waterproof mascara. I don't like the way it feels, and if I screw up I have to use soap and water to undo it and I end up screwing my whole makeup ensemble up.
    So that's why I want to use fake eyelashes! lol


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