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January 18, 2009

Weekend Centerpiece Inspiration

I absolutely love the centerpiece with the baby's breathe... i really want to incorporate a lot of baby's breathes, so i thought i'd share these photos... its absolutely stunning!

Both pictures are from The Bride's Cafe

The mixed with different flowers in the other vases for the centerpiece is also kinda different, mixing and matching flowers... definitely diggin' this look!

What do you think of mix and matched centerpieces? Or using baby's breathe as the main flower?


  1. I love the vases! They are beautiful!!!

  2. Pretty Pretty! You've been nominated before but I think you're pretty swell~ nominating you again, girl!

  3. Wow those are beautiful! They are very unique. Gorgeous!

  4. love the combination of those floral pieces! love 'em. as in...i love 'em!!!


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