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January 02, 2009

Wishing Tree

I just came across this post on Wedding Chicks and I'm definitely digging the idea of a Wishing Tree. The Wedding Chicks have broken it down on a HOW TO DIY so simply... i just had to share!

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What a great idea to have family and friends leave little thoughts and tidbits behind to help give their best advice for your new adventure as a married couple! I absolutely love the idea and really want to incorporate it into my wedding...

Check Out the Wedding Chicks DIY Manzanita Tree and Wishcard Templates for simple how to instructions!!!


  1. Wow, that IS a very cute idea!

  2. I love the manzanita trees! How sweet to have a personal message from each guest that you can read once the wedding's over.

  3. something similar -- make a wish and take a wish jars. i wrote cute love/life quotes on watercolor paper with calligraphy pens and rolled them up for the "take a wish" jars. then i had navy paper with gold pencils for the "make a wish" jars. many of our guests participated. my mom took the jars and we got them all back a couple of weeks after the wedding. it was sooo fun (and funny!) to read the wishes after the wedding. my favorite was one supposedly from our flower girl that said "Make Babies! Love, Grace". LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!!!


  4. Love the idea.
    It is so cute and easy to do!

  5. I absolutely love it!! OMGoodness, how beautiful!!! I am wondering if I can spray paint it in a pearl color to match my diamonds and pearls look. And maybe add little Crystals to the tree also.

    This is a must do project for me!

  6. we must share the same mind because I have been thinking about this idea for my guestbook table! great post!

  7. Something like that might even be cute to put in a foyer in your new nest. :-)

  8. i love the idea . !! i want to know do i put the sign on the tree? also where tree should be locate?


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