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February 07, 2009

Band vs DJ?

Are you having a band

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or a DJ?
{Image borrowed from my own DJ, Dj George}

Pros & Cons for DJ


* Requested songs are the real thing, not sung by an imitator.
* Larger song selection than a band.
* Less chance of hearing songs you don’t know.
* A DJ with the right balance of seriousness and humor can be really entertaining. While music is playing, he can be out on the dance floor, getting everyone fired up.
* Traditionally cheaper than a band.
* No breaks in the music.


* The ham-it-up factor - a non-funny, loud, and obnoxious DJ can be a turnoff to guests.
* The chance of equipment failure.

Pros & Cons for Band


* Nothing beats live music.
* The right band can read the feel of the room and adjust tempo to get everyone out on the dance floor.
* Can cater to certain themes you may be trying to pull off.


* Typically more expensive than a DJ.
* Bands often only know a limited number of songs.
* Certain bands only have expertise in one particular style of music.
* When the band goes on break (usually once every two hours), the mood can
* The possibility of your favorite song being butchered on your wedding day.
* All of the band members will need to be served dinner (which can take a chunk out of the budget).

{All info borrowed from The Man Registry}

So what do you think? All the Pros and Cons listed above are comparing a good band and a good DJ. A bad DJ or Band could have a hard time reading the crowd, could have an off night, be off-tune (for the band), etc... but if we were comparing equal quality of both, the pros and cons are still comparable.

So what did you do? What are you planning to do? I never dug a band... until this past year, when 3 of the weddings we attended all had bands... and it was a BLAST! So then we started to waver on what we wanted.

We've decided to go with a DJ since my brother's friend has been DJing for over 20 years, and knows me and my family ... and is BEYOND reasonable in price. (Seriously, if you are in the LA/OC area and need a good DJ - let me know, George is super reasonable, super flexible, and has extensive experience)...

What helped you decide what you were going to do? Or did you forego both and do the Ipod Dj? (also a good option!)


  1. The reason I have a DJ is because I work at a radio station and my DJ is one of my best friends so he said as a gift he would DJ my wedding. I know he is awesome and everyone would love him. I've went to weddings where he was DJ and he's awesome!
    I'm not too big on bands because it's hard to have a veriety of music with a band and I think everything can start to sound the same. But that's just my two cents. Whichever you choose will be right for you and your FH. GOODLUCK!

  2. This was a big date for us but we ended up going with a band who played at our friends wedding last year, they play modern music, old school, russian, english and even italian and spanish and that was a hug deal fro my family.

  3. I'm going with a DJ for my reception but I would love a steel drum player during cocktail hour...let's see if that happens


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