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February 11, 2009

Believe in Forever!!!!

According to news sources, the Stamp prices are heading upwards in May! EEK!

Head to your local post office and stock up on your Forever Stamps! These stamps will continue to sell at 0.42 cents until the price change and will be valid regardless of all future price hikes!!! 0.02 may not seem like much, but when you multiply that by Guest By each STD sent, by each Invitation Envelope, By Each response Envelope, and by any other Shower and y'all know it can add up !!! So in the spirit of Budgets and Savings...

PS. Thanks to Katie, a friend and fellow bride to be for the heads up :-)


  1. forever might just be the way to go....

    we paid extra to get personalized stamps for our save the dates, only to have the post office mess most of them up because of the wax seal we used on the back...

    then i went in today to ask about this very issue. i want to use the wax seals on our invites, but asked if i could have them hand cancelled...she said it would be $1.17 per envelope because I want to mail 140!!!

    i'm highly irritated with the post office today :)

  2. A.I.S. - You can always ask the post office if they'll allow you to hand cancel them yourself.

  3. Oooh good call! Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. i am such a stamp snob!!! i HAD to have stamps that matched a little more with my color scheme, so i paid just a little bit extra per invitation and RSVP accordingly. i blogged about this (the stamp price increase) and some options to make postage artistic: :)


  5. Good call!!! :) Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely be heading to the post office!

  6. Argh!! Post Office issues!! Luckily we just mailed our invitations. But maybe I should stock up for Thank Yous.

  7. I unknowingly just bought a book of stamps the other day. Now I've gotta go back to the post office and buy twenty more books! Thanks for the heads up!


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