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February 06, 2009

Bridal Party Rifts?

Have any of y'all experienced bridal party rifts?

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Now maybe you haven't had a full on knock down drag out fight, but... have you been involved in a wedding, been the bride in a wedding, or just been privy to bridal party rifts?

For instance,

Bridesmaids who don't like each other?
Bridesmaid(s) who don't fulfill their duty?
Bridesmaid(s) who fight with you or other people in party?

At this point, what do you do?

I've heard of different situations, where although the bridal party isn't as happy go lucky as one would like, but the civility remains and no issues arise. But what about those instances, when the animosity is obvious... the hostility is thick... What do you do then?

So far ::knock on wood:: So good for me, but i'm just curious - has anyone out there had bridal party rifts? and if so, what was your method of handling it? Did it resolve itself? Do you wish you could have done something different?


  1. I had all family members in my bridal sister, and two nieces 17 and 12. It was wonderful!

  2. My bridal party is also family with the exception of my best friend Kira who is definately my long lost sister she is family!

  3. So far no problems here. I feel so bad for the girls who have to put up with that!!

  4. wow are we on the same page for everything?? i JUST caught wind yesterday that one of my BM's doesn't like my MOH. I had no idea. I'm 50/50 on whether I wish I didn't know or I'm glad I do...b/c now some things make more sense from past situations. Apparently this is very hush-hush though and my MOH def does not know. Let me know if anyone comments on anything like this situation and what happened - I want everyone to just be happy & have fun but I am worried something might happen later on closer to the shower or something.

    P.S. I can't post about this b/c I know my MOH glances over every once and a while and another BM reads all the time and I don't want her to know either, ugh.

  5. Put it this way, I got a text at 2a.m. from a drunk MOH saying : i'm pissed that your the one that gets to pick my dress"

  6. Sometimes the bridesmaids forget they are there for the bride and think it's a 'me' show. It's sort of sad how the cat fights can get out of control. I'm so glad I did not have this problem.

  7. Hi, your MOH here. Wait, it's NOT all about me? What? Haha. Can we make that my new nickname? Moe?

  8. My best friend had an interesting time with one of her bridesmaids. The bridesmaid got into a relationship and just turned insane. She refused to talk to anyone about anything and spent the whole wedding sulking and standing far back.

    You could drive a truck between her and me in the church pictures.

  9. totally off topic, but that picture is hilarious!

  10. I never had any issues but I also only had two bridesmaids. ;)


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