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February 21, 2009

Hmmm... Navy?

Via Bride's Cafe... this gorgeous wedding. I love the white, the yellow with the Navy... SIMPLY STUNNING!


  1. that is exactly my color scheme. white/khaki/ a little yellow for my mom's memory and dashes of navy!

  2. I love Navy, it's as versatile as black and in my opinion should be used as a neutral!

    Something Weddings

  3. Gorgeous color combo! I love khaki, Navy, white.. so classic.

  4. Very clean and timeless. Do I smell a yellow, navy, and white inspiration boards coming? ;)

  5. I love navy! We almost went with navy instead of the champagne, but decided to use it as an accent color instead.

  6. I love the combination Yellow/Navi.
    It is beautiful.

  7. YEs, very pretty. You have a nice color combo.


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