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February 17, 2009

A "Kodak" Moment

A great idea i had to re-post from a great blogger - Adrienne @For the Love of Weddings

Capturing an image of the reception venue... pre-party... How utterly gorgeous and a great way to capture the venue, but with the bride and groom in it! Love this idea!


  1. I love that idea too - I don't think our logistics will cooperate, though. Damn logistics. :-)

  2. That could be a challenge, as you'd have to keep all the guests out and there are always some insanely early people (like me).

  3. Great Idea!!!
    The picture is gorgeous too.

  4. Great idea. I love it! I tagged you with a photo award today. Enjoy!!

  5. Good idea! While the guests are at the cocktail hour, it would be nice to sneak into the dining area and take a few pics!!

  6. Swoon. I love the centrepieces. Thanks for posting. Great blog!

  7. Definitely a great idea .. gotta file this one away :)

  8. Oooh I love this!!! :) How beautiful!


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