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January 10, 2011

The Big Bridal Expos & Shows, Worth it?

I attended my first bridal show on February 1st, in Dulles, VA.  One of my best friends (getting married in June) and I attended together, and it was really fun...

This was my first show, so i came unprepared... but WOW! I got so many cool little things.  Some of the best parts are the cake and food samples, as well as the pens, magazines, toothbrush, candies, catologs etc... I mean, you get so much info at this place... 

WOW... REWIND... I can't believe that this post brings back such a flood of memories. This was after my first bridal show experience and since then, I have had a few bride-friends ask me if those big expos are worth it... and here is my take on it.

The bridal show is a great place to start. They have tons of vendors, great samples and a lot of cool free things to take home with you. If you make it a fun experience, it can be enjoyable.
Is it something you HAVE to do? Not necessarily.
Can it help you find vendors? Sure
Can you find vendors elsewhere? of course
Would I do it again? definitely.

For me it was the experience. i had the time and since i had a buddy to go with... it made it all the more fun.
I also got to have my teeth whitened for a discounted price in 25 minutes... 
I was about 6-7 shades in before the procedure and close to white or 1 right after the whitest after the procedure. How COOL!!!!

I also got a ton of workout reading material, some candies and food eaten (that i was to work off) and got to see what it was all about. 

If you do decide you want to attend a big fair (or even a smaller one), here are some tips I'd suggest.

1. Create labels - name, address, telephone #, email address and wedding date/location. This way you aren't repetitively writing things over and over again - it does get tired. I used a specific email address for wedding stuff so i didn't get overloaded with PR and Ad stuff in my work accounts.
2. Dress appropriately - sneakers/comfy shoes, no purse (id/money in pocket) and not have too many things to lug around.  A big coat = very bad idea ... some of these venues are big. My feet came back achey.
3. Be hydrated... you get really thirsty walking around. 
4. Know what i really need and from where. Take pictures of ideas/colors/schemes i like. It is a great place to get ideas.
5. Ask a lot of questions... many vendors can give you insight in the various things you should look for as you narrow down your choices.
6. Look for deals - I got our Groomsmen Men's Warehouse deal there booked for $10 bucks. In the end it saved us $30 on each tux (compared to the $20 in store sale) and we got 2 free tuxes.  So in essence, we saved about 70 bucks with that difference in discounts and I got my $10 deposit back :)

BIG TIP: And if you don't like the idea of splurging the $10 bucks to get into the bridal show, many of the online websites will offer free tickets or buy one get one free tickets. Just google it and i'm sure you can find it... so really, aside from investing time - you have nothing to lose.
Have you gone to a bridal show? Did you like it?


  1. Awesome! I have been to three so far the first was awful and held at a hotel with about 5 vendors, a total waste of my time. The second one was GREAT, very professional and full of helpful information. The third was also very organized with a full on fashion show. Next weekend I will be attending my fourth and last show because I have just about found all of my vendors except for my DOC, baker & lighting expert.

    I hope the teeth whitening will be at the one next week! Your teeth look great!

  2. wow! teeth whitening at a bridal show? What a great idea. I loved going those bridal shows...always so informative!

  3. I have been to only two so far!!
    The first one I went, I got free engagement pictures for my wedding. The second one, my friend (who is also one of my bridesmaids) got a whole bag of teeth whitening products.
    I love bridal shows!!!! So much to see. Lots of good information!!

  4. It sounds like you had a blast. The bigger the city, the better the show. The people at Wedzilla are fab to work with. I'm very impressed with them.

  5. how much was the teeth whitening? and DID IT HURT?!?!

  6. That's a sexy shot of the teeth whitening! :)

  7. How fun. I went to one before and had a blast. I agree 100% with bringing your own address labels. There is so much to fill out!!

  8. That teeth whitening looks terrifying but cool, lol...I've been to one bridal show. I actually went before I got engaged because my makeup teacher said it would be a good way to showcase my makeup business buy renting a booth. I went to scout out the scene and left full from all the awesome food samples - that was definently my favorite part

  9. I'm so vain. I'm getting my teeth whitened next week!! So is Mr. Wonderful :)

  10. Great post! I like bridal shows but only like to go if I can find a free or discounted ticket. Some are better than others but you can usually score a decent amount of free stuff.

    Like you said, the best part is the inspiration and ideas you come back with. :)


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