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February 20, 2009

My wedding will cost WHA...?

Via Rick & Erica's Blog...

Wedding Cost Estimate
Based on the zip code you entered for 92688 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA , the number of guests (200+), and the items selected, the estimated wedding cost is between $57,824 and $96,380.

So are my goals of doing my wedding for less than 30k unrealistic?


  1. Oooh I will now go play with this new toy!

  2. OH MY GOSH! That's a down payment on a house! I'm going right now to see what the average is here :)

  3. I just ran my numbers and they came out really high too, I think this calculation is a little off. There is no way we will spend as much as it is suggesting. Besides us blogging brides have the advantage of helping each other come up with DIY projects to help out the budget! :)

  4. This is what I got "the estimated wedding cost is between $17,363 and $28,938."

    Yeah ours cost about 1/10th of that. Somethings a bit screwy there as it seems to assume you won't cut costs on anything. Sorry no $800 wedding dress here, try more like $200.

  5. It doesn't do Canadian postal codes. But it seems to be outlandishly high! You could buy a cottage or even a small house in some places for that!!

    Something Weddings

  6. Mine was between $27,133 and $45,227 which is ridiculous! We'll be about half of the first number!

  7. Holy crap! I just can't see spending that can totally swing it for tons less!

  8. No they are NOT!!!! Don't listen to it!! I looked at the same site and it gave me an estimate in the $20-30,000 range, but I said heck no. We are on a $3,000 budget and we are stickin' to it!!

    You spend exactly how much you WANT To spend. =) lol

  9. Haha. I see you found this crazy wedding estimater...
    my wedding budget goal is more to the likes of $20,000.00 & SO FAR.. we're making it!


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