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February 10, 2009

Real Weddings Magazine ::Swoon::

Have you read this?
I recently had the opportunity to go over this magazine... and let me tell you this. It has a lot of substance. Now, I'm trying to motivate to work out. So all my magazines, i will ONLY read when working out doing some cardio. The fastest hour I've ever had, was with this magazine. And the funny thing - i wasn't even near done with the magazine after 60 minutes on the elliptical machine. There is just so much here - from beautiful pictures of cakes...
Flowers ...
One of the most amazing things about this magazine is the Q&A in each section. In keeping with its title of "REAL SIMPLE".. .it just tries to address the things that can complicate a bride's vision. From starting with a "Get Started" section and slowly going through picking a venue, to picking stationary and more, it takes you through a step by step process and addresses the 10 most common question for that particular area. If you are newly engaged, run out and get this magazine. If your friend is a newly engaged person - what a great little gift to give them. I really wish i had this when i first got engaged... just to simplify how to go about where to actually start with the planning.
I actually learned a lot ... even after all my own research on the subject. And it was so fun to read... thoroughly entertaining, informative and such great ideas and beautiful examples of these tables...
And of course, not just for the benefit of the bride and the groom, but these gift bags make a great treat for your guests!
I can not rave enough about this magazine! It is really worth every penny... and if you are like me, and love to see samples of REAL weddings, there are a ton in this magazine, which keeps it educational, informative and fun at the same time!

and in case you are wondering, i am not getting paid to rave about this magazine. I've been lucky enough to read the magazine ... and i just have to spread the word when i find something so cool !!!


  1. i have a subscription to real simple and it's the best thing ever. from the tips and tricks to the recipes. i got last year's wedding edition and loved it! i'm waiting to get this new one when we go register at crate and barrel on sunday!!

  2. I actually won one from Brides Cafe but I have received it yet so I couldn't wait I went and puchased mine yesterday and I love it! The one that I won I will be giving to my friend to use for her wedding or maybe give it away on my blog.

  3. Ooh purdy hydrangeas. I love hydrangeas.

    And the texture on that cake is awesome. To hell with smooth fondant, give me a cake with spackle.

  4. It seems like this mag is more of a book than a magazine. You and everyone else seems to be raving about it. I might just have to get it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I too love the hydrangea bouquet! Great blog fellow So Cal girl! I am adding it to my blogroll. :)

  7. This is one of my favorite magazines as well. I've been giving it to all my friends who get engaged.

  8. I haven't gotten mine yet, but you've just made me even more of a believer. I'll have to grab one tomorrow!

  9. I posted about this magazine yesterday - it is so helpful and not just full of dress ads! Love it!

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