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February 19, 2009

Sorbet Inspiration

Via Snippet & Ink... I love this board... its so... yogurty

Top row from left: sorbet via Cannelle et Vanille, shoes from J.Crew, program photo by Liz Banfield, bridesmaids from Martha Stewart WeddingsRow 2: cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo via Perfectbound, bouquet by Philippa Tarrant, chandelier photo by Jose Villa Row 3: ribbon curtain by Rebecca Thuss, poppies via Happy Cavalier, groomsmen from Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. so yummy & soft... love this board... puts me in the mood for spring!

  2. "Who serves yogurt at a wedding?" Sorry my husband can't watch a yogurt commercial without quoting from that Target Women now. I fear it's infecting me?

    Lovely pictures though, I love the bridesmaids dresses a lot.

  3. "yogurty" are too funny :) But I get you totally!

  4. Cutest combo of colors!! :) It is weird to say this, but the color combo looks delish. It looks like rainbow sherbet! :)

  5. I could go for some sorbet or frozen yogurt myself right about now. It's just so fresh, remind me of lemonade on a summer day!


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