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February 16, 2009


I wish i had the arms to pull this baby off... borrowed from :::A Wedding Cabaret:::

LAZARO Style: LZ3705
Ivory silk satin organza gown with embroidered tulle overlay, beaded empire bodice and hemline with cascading flowers at back, chapel train.
Ivory, White


  1. I feel ya...beautiful arms and a pretty back make a wedding dress all the more lovely. Oh well. I don't have either! But we do have pretty smiles and will be glowing on our wedding day...that has to count for something!! :)

  2. AMEN!! Atlanta Bride I agree 100%. That is a gorgeous dress though.

  3. Very nice. I like it but I am not all about how low the top of the dress is. But the back is beautiful!!

    Thanks for commenting on my new blog! I read your profile and I just have to say that I also LOVE Taylor Swift. She is awesome right?

    Off to check out the rest of your blog. :)

  4. Eh I say it's all about the confidence. You could be the smallest person in the world but if you didn't have confidence or joy you'd just look like someone playing dress up.

  5. I looooove me some Lazaro prettiness. How gorgeous! I want those arms, and shoulders, too!


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